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Wiggle Room

We have all used this expression from time to time – funny how these odd phrases become the norm in the boardroom. 

“Yes we like the parameters of the contract but will need some wiggle room when it comes to design”


“We can definitely produce according to your time line but will need some wiggle room when it comes to delivery”.

To me “wiggle” meant flexibility – a little bit of give and take. 

Now it has a whole new concept thanks to my 3 year old grandson.  Like all toddlers he is on the go all the time and literally cannot sit still so his mom devised this genius idea.  When he starts to get bored at the dinner table and is not concentrating on his veggies she suggests a “wiggle break” so he can run around the dining room and use up some energy.  It works too!  He returns to the table far more focussed and ready to tackle those sprouts (ugh)!  It’s a novel idea and I think we should introduce this into the board room as well.  You know what those long meetings are like when the speaker or the boss or whoever is droning on and showing slide after slide – most of them full of spread sheets – well your attention starts to drift and you know that’s not good.  The annual review is coming up – you need to be on your top game!

So I think business meetings should have wiggle breaks.  Can you imagine all those execs jumping up from their chairs and running around the room waving their hands and letting off some steam.  I would so love to see that.  Maybe they could have that feature in the meetings at Westjet and Air Canada – gee even Flair.  I am sure there is a lot of tension at those meetings right now and a little wiggle break would do them the world of good.

Because, honestly, who loves a business meeting.  Whoever gets that email and says – Oh Wow – another business meeting – can’t wait??  No-one ever.

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So I think the idea of having a wiggle break is a really good idea.  There are some days in the office that we could really do with a wiggle break.  It might be good to have a wiggle while waiting on hold for XYZ Tour company.  Mmm, maybe not.  We are generally on hold with them for at least two hours.  But think of the calorie burn!  Wow.  That could be a good thing.  


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  1. Reminds me of the TV commercial for Haribo gummy candies where the exces are talking like kids & playing with the gummies. Lol

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