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Who Are These People??

You know the ones I mean.  Those perfect people who wrap up perfect parcels to go under the Christmas tree.  First you cut the paper this way and then fold it that, then tuck this under that and twist this up like that and suddenly it looks like a flower.  But mine looks nothing like that.

In fact it looks more like this –

blog gift

Santa doesn’t have this problem.  He just throws everything in his sack because he has a whole army of elves who help with this.  And they are good!  They’ve been doing this for years.  Any new recruits coming in are put through their paces and if they don’t get that gift wrapped properly first time round they are OUT! 

So what’s the trick.  Patience I guess.  And a good sticky tape dispenser.  Maybe a ruler and decent quality wrapping paper.

Forget all of that.  I have discovered the answer.  GIFT BAGS!  You can’t go wrong here.   All you need is the bag and a bit of tissue paper and voila!  Looks amazing and it can be recycled.

This is actually a new thing you know.  Wrapping gifts for Christmas.  When I was little it was Father Christmas who brought the gifts and in traditional style we were required to put a stocking at the end of our beds ….. as time went by and the gifts got a bit bigger we replaced the stocking with a pillow case.  (Greedy kids).  We always got some tangerines and nuts in the pillow case as well so when we woke up early (which we always did) we could play with our toys and not disturb mom and dad if we were hungry.  We carried on the belief for many years although we really knew it was dad.  This suspicion was confirmed to me one Christmas Eve when Dad snuck into our room with our Christmas gifts.  One of mine was my favourite doll, Susan, who had been to the doll hospital to be fixed and was wearing a new outfit knitted by my mom.  As my Dad was filling the pillow case Susan slipped out of his arms and fell to the ground during which she let our her MaMa cry.  This was immediately followed by my Dad “Oh bloody hell!!!”  I heard all this but knew that the Christmas magic could be jinxed by a child hearing or seeing any of this so I lay with my eyes shut tight until he left the room.  Then giggled and hugged myself because I was so happy Susan was home and fixed and it was Christmas.

Oh happiness was so easy in those days.


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  1. Hi Lesley,
    I have enjoyed reading your Christmas wrapping blog.
    Coming from the UK as well, I remember only too well the apples and oranges left in the pillow case, To this day my two boys who are in their forties, still have a pillow case on Christmas morning.

    I wonder what the Canadians will make of the Doll’s Hospital, a magical place, I wish they still existed.

    Thank you for a trip down Memory Lane.

    Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.

    1. Aw I love that they still have their pillowcases. Happy memories although we were hard up Mom and Dad always made it great for us. Yes, the doll hospital. Nowadays everything gets thrown away 🙁
      Wishing you a very Merry Christmas xxxx

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