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As I prepare for my trip to Scotland and then across to Denmark I am going through the usual dilemma.  What not to pack.  Now I know my message is probably resounding loud and clear to all the women out there.  How much is too much and how can I leave behind that particular dress, skirt, scarf – whatever – because you know – sure as God made little green apples – that you are totally going to need that item and you will be cursing yourself for leaving it behind.

So there I stand looking down at these beautifully prepared packing cubes …. Hmmm…. Are these all going to fit in?  What do you think?


OK, start again.  Going through the items I wonder what possessed me in packing that particular jacket.  I haven’t worn that in ten years.  But I love it – so why don’t I ever wear it?   Maybe I should just try it on quickly.  So out the cube it combs, let’s unroll it (yes I am a roller and not a folder) and try it on.  Crap – it doesn’t fit!  How the hell did that happen?  Well there have been about 15 cruises since I last wore it.  OK – that’s it!  I am going to take my runners and my gym stuff and make sure that I work out every day on the cruise.  Wait a minute – that means another cube.  OMG – I am driving myself crazy and there’s hubby smugly zipping up his suitcase.  It’s so easy for men.  Pair of dark slacks, a white shirt and a nice jacket – Voila!  Done!

OK Lesley.  Now focus!!  Let’s see what we can eliminate here. 

As I go through the process one more time I get this thrill come over me.  Yay, I am packing to go on an adventure.  Off to Scotland to spend time in Edinburgh and Inverness – who cares if it is raining there right now?  I have packed my raincoat.  Then off to Copenhagen and another cruise.  (I swear I am not having any dessert!).  Ending up in Iceland. 

One thing I will do however.  I am going to pack a change of clothes in my carryon because you know – we live in turbulent times so if my bag goes missing all this angst will  have been for nothing while I wear the same outfit for two weeks solid!

OK – the uber is here ….. I am OFF!!!!

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