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I have travelled so often and so many times you think I would have this down pat.  The problem is not the main things.  The rule is easy.  One week cruise – 7 long dresses, lululemon pants, couple of casual tops, good walking shoes, heels for the evening, rain jacket ….. that stuff no problem. 

 It’s the extra stuff that takes up all the time.  Should I take a swim suit – Nah …. Not gonna swim.  But what if … maybe I should.  Mmmm no.  

Maybe I should take my hiking boots – but they are heavy.  Let me read the excursion properly.  They say strenuous hike but how often is it really that?  Well maybe I should take them just in case.  

Gotta take my sun hat – don’t want my dermatologist freaking out on my next check up.  So I will squash that in there.  

Oh my goodness, remember the last time I travelled and I took all those jackets, tops and shoes and never wore them once.

At least I have learnt to pack my cosmetics, creams and all that stuff in my checked bag.  And trust me I need a lot of that stuff.  So if my bag gets lost ….  Well I’ll just have to go shopping because, guess what – I HAVE INSURANCE.  

What’s your must pack item and what’s the most stupid useless thing you have ever packed?


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  1. I have a hard time with shoes ….I always want to pack several pairs that coordinate with different outfits while my husband brings 2. Men have it much easier !🤦‍♀️

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