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Haunted Hotels

There’s a certain group of people who LOVE to visit haunted hotels.  Would you do that?  Kinda reminds me of The Shining.  There is a whole list of places but did you know the Banff Springs Hotel is one of them – this is the story appearing in Atlas Obscura.

This iconic Canadian railway hotel has long said to be haunted. Look for the grand staircase where a bride is said to have fallen and broken her neck on her wedding day in the 1920’s. Hotel guests have reporting hearing noises in the bridal suite and seeing images of a flowing apparition in a wedding gown on the stairs  .Sam McCauley worked as a bellman for many years and retired in 1967 from the grand hotel. According to legend Sam told his colleagues that he would return. Passing away a few years later, guests report being helped by a gentleman in a very old fashioned uniform when they are locked out of their room. Upon trying to tip him the helper disappears.  Has anyone else had this experience?

banff springs

Hot Irons

Apparently you shouldn’t think of using that hotel iron to press your shirt or skirt before dinner.  Why?  Well we are told it is a habit for airline pilots to use the hotel iron to heat up their pizza.  Goodness me.  Can’t the airline afford to at least treat them to a meal when they are doing an overnight.

Stinky Seaweed

Word is that this season’s sargassum seaweed is going to be the biggest ever swamping parts of the Mexican Riviera and the Caribbean.  Have you ever encountered this on your holidays?  It is a real bummer if you get that on the beach because even if it is cleared away from the beach it is still going to be floating in the waves and I am a real baby when I am in the sea if I feel ANYTHING touch my leg or my foot.  How can you keep track of where it will be worst – try this website https://sargassummonitoring.com/en/


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