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What Did I Just Put on My Hair???

Has this happened to you?  You are in the shower in your hotel or on your cruise and reach for the shampoo – but is it shampoo?  Can’t see the words because they are too small and you can’t wear your reading glasses in the shower. 

So instead of shampoo you have rubbed body wash all over your hair. 

Well you know I am not the only one and I was delighted to see that this is a big topic online. 

You can imagine how pleased I was to travel on Viking Cruises and to find the shower equipped with three bottles all with BIG letters saying SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, BODY WASH.

I happened to mention that to one of the staff and they said “Oh that’s the owner of Viking Cruises – it’s one of his pet peeves”.

Also nice was that the bottles were a decent size.  How many times have you struggled in the shower with those piddly little bottles (goodness knows how they refill those). 

blog hair 01

Or perhaps I should just invest in some goggles – 2.5 would work.  Then I could see everything clearly and not even get soap in my eyes.

blog hair 02

Sadly it doesn’t just happen in hotels and on cruise ships.  I spent a couple of weeks using a new moisturising cream which did not do a very good job, only to discover (when I put my glass on) that it was actually body wash and not cream.



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  1. Likewise, Leslie, I was in a very nice hotel and in the shower I used the shampoo (translucent orange), no problem, but in using the conditioner (creamy white) it felt “not right” but I was in a hurry to get to dinner. The next morning, I realized they put body lotion in the shower and no conditioner. I carry a felt pen and mark a big C or S on the bottles now.

    1. Thank you Jeanette. I love writing. I keep threatening that one day I am going to write my memoir! But I will have to retire first! 🙂

  2. Being nearsighted, I can read the fine prints better without glasses but has to have my face very close to the item(s) 🤣🤣. But in the shower is a different story, with the water splashing, it’s hard to focus. I usually memorized them before heading into the shower with my glasses on or stepped inside the shower to read the fine prints before turning on the tap.

    1. Yes the shower is a problem but somewhere I read that you should tie a hair bobble or band around one so you can identify it by feel. Not a bad idea!

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