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Well Happy Whatever!

So what did you do on New Year’s Eve.  Hopefully you had fun – whatever it was.  I know I did as I was in bed with my electric blanket on and a really good book by Ruth Ware – so I was as happy as a pig in ….. Oops not supposed to use those old Navy Expressions I learnt from my Dad.

New Year’s celebrations are so hit and miss, aren’t they?  When I lived in Swaziland we used to go to the Mbabane Club where a New Year’s Eve dinner would be held and I must admit we did have lots of fun.  The count down was always exciting and we were among friends because everybody knew everybody else – Small Town Syndrome.  The only bad part of the evening was after the kissing of your spouse or partner there usually followed the kissing of everybody else.  So it was like OMG dodge this one coming over from the other side of the room.

A few years back we decided to break out of our reclusive lifestyle and took one of the grandkids downtown to skate and watch the fireworks.  Well I can’t skate but she was pretty good but unfortunately had a tumble.  Oh c’mon, I said.  Get up and have another go.  You are fine!  Well she wasn’t – she had broken her arm.  That is a family joke by now!  Best grandma ever (not).

And now due to cutbacks CBC didn’t even have their usual New Year’s Eve live broadcast – and it just doesn’t seem right to go by the dropping of the ball in NYC because that happened hours ago – it’s just not real.

So what’s my plan for next year?  Maybe I’ll just book a cruise and be somewhere exotic and warm when midnight strikes.  I know, I know – it’s the most expensive time of the year to travel but what the heck?  As my grandmother used to say in Ireland – “To hell with poverty!  I’ll kill a chicken!”

Happy New Year.

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