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Vegas Baby!

I have to start this blog with a disclaimer – I do not like Vegas.  However, when I was told that our travel conference was going to be held in Vegas I was pleased.  WHY?   Well Vegas is pretty easy to get to from pretty much all over the States and Canada and the short flight from Calgary made this conference very attractive.  But honestly – would I come here for a vacation.  Nope.

I know that there are probably lots of Vegas fans out there who disagree with me and yes, Vegas has great entertainment and the big names appearing here.  But ugh.  The crowds and the tacky restaurants – even Gordon Ramsay’s fish and chips was a take out joint with people eating at tiny outdoor tables with their fish and chips in cardboard boxes.  OK, maybe I am being unfair here.  After all fish and chips in my day was always served in newspaper – so shut the hell up Lesley.

We had an evening at the Brooklyn Bowl and wow – the singer was amazing.  A cross between Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  Very good.  But even more surprising was the little boulevard outside of the Brooklyn Bowl.  The Linq Boulevard is just so cute.  A pedestrian walkway lined with restaurants and live music performances – a really surprising and pleasant find.  But eventually we had to leave the boulevard to make our way back to our hotel and oh my word – the strip was crowded and dirty.  

Talking about dirty – there seems to be a new way to make a few bucks on the Strip.  That is as long as you have boobs and booty.  I have seen a lot but I was quite shocked.  These girls just had little stick on stars over their nipples and then fishnet tights and thongs and I guess they were charging for photos with the guys walking past.  

Even more surprising were the number of kids I saw.  Really?  I don’t think Vegas is a kids place – but oh well!!  

I am sure that there are those out there who will disagree with me and say that they have a fantastic time in Vegas.  I will be here again next year for our next conference and I am happy about that as I really don’t want to have to fly down to Miami or Fort Lauderdale – that’s a whole day when you live in Calgary.

If you are heading out to Vegas look out for this guy – Joey Vitale.  We heard him play and he is absolutely fantastic and a true entertainer.  You can find his information at https://joeyvitale.us/


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  1. Hi Lesley, I totally agree with you on the Vegas thing. Last September my sister treated me for my 60th birthday to a trip to Vegas to see Rod Stewart. It was the first time for me in Vegas. I am glad we went so I now have seen it, but it is a place I definitely would not take kids to. There is stuff that goes on on the strip that adults shouldn’t see let alone kids! I don’t get what the big attraction to the place is, unless you gamble of course.

    We did find a real nice restaurant in the Venetian Resort call Buddy V’s Ristorante. It is owned by Buddy from the show Cake Boss. The food was excellent!! Never before had I had such wonderful tomato soup! As well as our main course was fantastic as well. We even had the chance to meet Buddy and have our picture taken with him. Wonderful nice man.
    I would go back to Vegas to see someone preform and make the trip short, but I definitely wouldn’t go for a holiday and I am glad I don’t live there!

    1. You know sometimes Vegas has some nice surprises and if you want to see a great show – where else?
      I am totally with you on that score!

  2. Hello Lesley ……. Not a Vegas lover either. We were invited to join friends for an anniversary celebration years ago. I must say we did have some nice meals and saw the production of “Mamma Mia” … which was very entertaining. BUT …. been there, done that. I do think that maybe everyone should experience Vegas at least once in their lifetime. We know friends and family that continue to go every year. They need their “Vegas Fix” as they put it.

    1. Yes the theatres and shows are wonderful. And yes I have friends who just love going to Vegas – not for the gambling but for the shows and the shopping. Oh well – each to his own!

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