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Greece: Ancient Ruins & Iconic Islands Small Group Tour

Discover the incredible and awe-inspiring country of Greece as you explore the rich history and culture of ancient monuments in Athens. Delve into the birthplace of the Olympic Games on the Cyclades Islands, and climb the majestic Mycenae citadel nestled in Peloponnese. Take time to relax on the picturesque islands of Naxos and Santorini with their breathtakingly crystal-clear waters and refreshing ocean breeze - simply the perfect place to unwind.

Greece: Ancient Ruins & Iconic Islands Small Group Tour

Sunday and Tuesday departures available in September 2024
DEPARTURE DATE: September 3, 2024
Countries Visited: Greece


Step back in time on a journey to Greece, where iconic ruins bring ancient history to life. Explore the awe-inspiring monuments of Athens and the stunning Cyclades islands; and run and jump in the footsteps of ancient Greek athletes at the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Then venture to the olive-covered hills and rugged coasts of the Peloponnese, where some of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey played out; and savour the delightfully fresh flavours of Greek cuisine.

  • Explore the ancient temples of the Acropolis
  • Discover the Mycenae citadel on the mythical Peloponnese peninsula
  • Cruise to Náxos and Santorini
  • Explore white-washed towns and golden-sand beaches
  • Learn how to put together a platter of mezze with a local expert

Travel Dates & Pricing

September 3, 2024from $5,499 CADPer Person
September 3, 2024from $7,548 CADSingle Traveler

What's Included

  • 11 night small group escorted coach tour
  • 11 breakfasts, 1 dinner
    Guided visit of Acropolis and Parthenon
  • Guided tour of Ancient Delphi
  • Delphi Archaeological Museum visit
  • Olympia Archaeological Site and Museum visit
  • Guided tour of Mycenae
  • Epidaurus and Ancient Corinth Ruins visit
  • Santorini Sailing Excursion
  • Orientation walks in Athens, Delphi and Náxos
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
  • CEO (Chief Experience Officer) throughout, local guides.
  • Taxes


1Tue Sep 3ATHENS
2Wed Sep 4ATHENS
8Tue Sep 10NÁXOS
12Sat Sep 14ATHENS


Arrive at any time.

Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore before your welcome meeting, but make sure you’re back in time to meet the group. Check for the meeting time on the welcome note at the hotel. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour. Please note that normal check-in times apply at our start hotels, but you can usually store your luggage for the day if you arrive early.


Considered the cradle of Western civilization, Athens is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Explore the iconic Acropolis with an archaeologist guide and wander among the columns of the Parthenon, dedicated to the goddess Athena. Continue to the ancient Agora—where Athenians gathered to discuss the affairs of the day—and listen to our guide bring these timeless ruins to life. Afterwards, be enriched and refreshed with drinks and a tour of local non-profit cafe, Shedia Home.

Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Ancient Athens Tour with an Archaeologist
Embark on a guided tour of the Acropolis — one of the world’s most important and impressive ancient sites. A local archaeologist serves as your guide to discover the architectural wonders of ancient Athens. Stop at the Parthenon, a Greek temple built for the Goddess Athena in 447 BC. After, continue to the former marketplace of old Athens, the Roman Agora, which was built in the first century BC.

Your G for Good Moment: Tour of Shedia Home and a Beverage
Take time to relax at Shedia Home, a non-profit cafe providing purpose and employment to over 150 individuals experiencing homelessness in Athens. You’ll enjoy a drink while one of Shedia’s guides recounts the recent history of Greece’s financial crisis which has made initiatives like Shedia even more important for those who have found themselves without work and shelter. Your stop here supports their programs – including the cafe, art program, and magazine – all dedicated to supporting the community.

Free Time Athens Evening
Enjoy a free evening in Athens.

Meals included: Breakfast

Take free time to explore Athens on your own, or choose to visit the National Garden. Afterward, journey to Delphi, home to the Temple of Apollo—seat of the fabled oracle of Delphi and considered the center of the world by the ancients.

Free Time Athens Morning
Head out and explore this ancient city.

Private Vehicle Athens – Delphi
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Delphi Orientation Walk Delphi
Enjoy a brief orientation walk with your CEO, then enjoy a free evening in the ancient city of Delphi.

Explore mystical Delphi on a guided tour, then continue discovering the ruins on your own and visit the Archaeological Museum of Delphi to admire the many artifacts discovered at the site. Travel along the breathtaking Gulf of Corinth, crossing into the Peloponnese via the Rio-Antirrio bridge, an impressively long multi-span cable-stay bridge. Wind your way to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and channel your inner champion as you discover this remarkable site, where ancient Greek athletes would gather every four years to compete in a series of sporting events honoring Zeus.

Guided Tour of Ancient Delphi
Visit the ancient city of Delphi, at the base of Mount Parnassos. The UNESCO World Heritage Site includes ancient buildings like treasuries, a stadium, a gymnasium, an altar, hippodrome and the Temple of Apollo.

Visit to Delphi Archaeological MuseumDelphi
Spend some time at the Delphi Archaeological Museum, one of the most visited collections of ancient Greek sculpture and art. See the marble Sphinx of Naxos, the 6th-century ‘twins of Argos’ and the famous bronze Charioteer, a life-size statue which celebrates victory in the Pythian Games of approx. 475 BC.

Private Vehicle Delphi – Olympia
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Meals included: Breakfast


Browse the Olympia Museum this morning, then travel to Náfplio, a charming port town and the first capital of modern Greece. In Náfplio, lose yourself in the winding lanes of the old town, and take in glimpses of the sapphire-hued Aegean Sea from the hilltops.

Visit to Olympia Archaeological Site and MuseumOlympia
Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, lies in a lush valley filled with symbolic ruins and captivating landscapes. Wander through the ancient olive groves to see remains of the Temple of Hera (today the starting point of the Olympic torch relay), the Temple of Zeus (a model for the development of Doric architecture) and the great Stadium of Olympia. Visit the nearby Archaeological Museum, whose collection spans over 3,500 years of Greek history. Here, find sculptures depicting Hermes and the Infant Dionysus, Zeus and Ganymede, and Nike of Paionios.

Private Vehicle Olympia – Náfplio
Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.


Embark on an excursion to the Bronze Age city of Mycenae, where the legendary king Agamemnon ruled. Take a guided tour of the ruins, enclosed within Cyclopean walls, and enter the citadel through the famed Lion Gate—one of Europe’s oldest monumental sculptures. Return to Náfplio and enjoy an afternoon at leisure. Opt to climb up to the Akronafplia fortress, or hit the beach.

Private Vehicle Náfplio – Mycenae

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Guided Tour of Mycenae
Visit the famous Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and archaeological site with spectacular ruins and a treasury. Once a major settlement of Greek civilization, Mycenae was occupied during the Neolithic period around 4000 BC, and is linked to the mythology in Homer’s epics the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Private Vehicle Mycenae – Náfplio

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Free Time Náfplio Afternoon
Explore the seaside town of Náfplio with some free time this evening.

Meals included: Breakfast


Drive back to Athens, stopping en route at the ancient site of Epidaurus and the ruins of Corinth, where the Christian apostle Paul is said to have visited in the first century A.D. From Athens, board a ferry to the Cyclades islands. Relax on board, enjoying sparkling views of the sea, and disembark at Náxos, the largest island in the archipelago.

Private Vehicle Náfplio – Piraeus

Settle in and scan the scenery from the convenience of a private vehicle.

Visit to Epidavros
Visit Epidavros, highly regarded as one of the most renowned of Greek ancient sites. The site houses a huge, well-preserved theatre famous for its incredible acoustics, as well as the remains of an important medical sanctuary.

Ancient Corinth RuinsAthens
Stop by the Ancient Corinth Ruins, a major centre of Greek antiquity. With its location on the coast, the city of Corinth gained immense wealth from trading goods and services, which led to the construction of Acrocorinth (the acropolis on the hill) and a wall that surrounded the ancient city.

Ferry Athens – Naxos
Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

Meals included: Breakfast

The Cyclades are known around the word for their dazzling white villages and golden beaches. On Naxos, while away your time exploring the storybook old town; opt to walk to the emblematic Temple of Apollo, overlooking the sea; or stretch out on a sandy beach.

Náxos Orientation Walk

Enjoy a brief orientation walk with your CEO.

Free Time Naxos Full Day
Enjoy a free day to explore this stunning gem in the Cyclades.

Meals included: Breakfast


Catch a ferry to postcard-perfect Santorini. Get to know this much-photographed isle at your own pace, discovering candy-colored doorways and sugar-cube buildings; and take in a spectacular sunset from the village of Oía. Savor the taste of local produce—marked by the island’s volcanic soil—or unwind at the beach.

Free Time Santorini Afternoon

Upon checking into our hotel, enjoy some free time.

Ferry Naxos – Santorini

Get to the next spot on your route aboard a convenient and efficient ferry boat.

Meals included: Breakfast


This morning, sail Santorini’s breathtaking sunken caldera, and learn about the volcanic origins of the surrounding crescent-shaped ring of islands. Later, enjoy free time to explore Santorini.

Santorini Sailing Excursion
Board a boat for an excursion around the bays of Santorini, taking in the beauty of the coast in all its splendour. On this half-day cruise, you’ll have lots of time to relax on deck, dip into deep blue waters, and take stunning photos of Santorini’s “caldera” – the cauldron-shaped formation that resulted from an ancient volcanic eruption, which created this mystical group of islands.

Free Time Santorini Afternoon

There’s lots to see and do. Get out and explore!

Meals included: Breakfast

Fly back to Athens for an adventure in Greek cookery. Head out with a local expert to a teaching kitchen and learn how to craft mezze, a platter of appetizers commonly served in southeast Europe and the Middle East. Wash down these tasty snacks with a glass of ouzo, an anise-flavored liqueur, and cheer our journey with your best “opa!”

Due to strict weight restrictions, plan on packing light for your flight. Because of current weight limits and the inability to add on more weight, checked baggage should be no heavier than 15kg, and hand luggage should weigh no more than 6kg.

Plane Santorini – Athens

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… yup, it is a plane, actually.

Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Athens Culinary Mezze Experience

Go on a culinary journey in Athens with a local chef. Learn how to make authentic Greek mezze (sharing dishes) such as dolmades (rice-stuffed vine leaves), imam baildi (stuffed eggplants), and spanakopita (spinach pies). You’ll also create a carrot tzatziki — a twist on the classic yogurt dip — to accompany the dishes and finish off the class with the sweet treat of portokalopita (orange phyllo cake). Sit down with your fellow “chefs” to indulge in your delicious creations for dinner and toast with a shot of ouzo.

Meals included: Breakfast | Dinner

Depart at any time.

Departure Day

Not ready to leave? Your CEO can help with any onward travel arrangements you require.

Meals included: Breakfast

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