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A Journey to White-walled Cities and Moorish Citadels Boutique Cruise

Embark on an unforgettable luxury cruise with Explora Journeys, taking you from the iconic city of Athens to the vibrant and exotic Istanbul. This is the ultimate way to explore the beauty and charm of the Eastern Mediterranean as you sail through Greece and Turkey. Single supplement available!
SHIP: Explora I

A Journey to White-walled Cities and Moorish Citadels Boutique Cruise

DEPARTURE DATE: April 28, 2025
Countries Visited: Greece, Turkey
Departure Port:Piräus (Athen), Greece


We trace vestiges of antiquity from Athens to Istanbul via bucolic Mediterranean beauty and some of the Aegean’s most alluring beaches. Between the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Turkey’s turquoise coast, we’ll discover coastal temple ruins, medieval wonders and ancient kingdoms alongside muscat vineyards, rustic toes-in-the-sand tavernas and restaurants at the peak of Mykonos chic. The Sea of Marmaris ushers us to the iconic minarets of Istanbul as the sun rises over this storied nexus of East and West.

Travel Dates & Pricing

April 28, 2025from $4,880 CADPer Person
April 28, 2025from $6,080 CADSingle Traveler

What's Included

  • 7 night cruise from Athens (Piraeus) Greece to Istanbul Turkey
  • Truly incredibly huge ocean suites – 377 sq ft
  • Welcome bottle of champagne and your choice of in-suite drinks in the fridge
  • In room espresso machine and a Dyson hair dryer
  • Full sized sun terrace with dining area and a full sunbed
  • All culinary Experiences ( choice of 9 dining areas )
  • Unlimited Premium Beverages
  • Onboard Gratuities
  • Free access to onboard thermal spa
  • Included Yoga classes and fitness classes
  • WiFi
  • Taxes and port charges


1Mon Apr 28Athens, Greece
2Tue Apr 29Mykonos, Greece
3Tue Apr 29Rhodes, Greece
4Wed Apr 30Marmaris, Turkey
5Thu May 1Bodrum, Turkey
6Fri May 2Samos, Turkey
7Fri May 2Day at Sea
8Sat May 3Istanbul, Turkey

Day 1 – Progressive Athens

Port: Athens (Piraeus)
Arrival Method: Dock
Departure: 19:00

Athenians don’t live in the past. Ahead of its time, Athens exudes glamour and a sense of possibility – housing galleries, gelaterias, bijoux boutiques alongside a plethora of museums. And you can’t help but marvel at the archaeological wonders of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Stroll through vibrant streets and markets, dance at buzzing bouzoukia, sing along in tavernas. At night, head to the harbour, where dimly lit bars serve the local ice cold beer. And, as you inhale the salty air and watch Greek fishing boats peacefully depart for their catch, reflect on this ancient city’s progressive attitude.

Day 2 – The Rhythm of Mykonos

Port: Mykonos
Arrival Method: Tender
Arrival: 09:00
Departure: 21:00

If you start early, you’ll have Mykonos to yourself. Stroll narrow streets famous for Cycladic architecture and getting lost; white-washed cubed buildings, alluring boutiques, orthodox churches and traditional windmills. Join glitterati guests at elegant events on iconic beaches, sink into saltwater pools, tour vineyards and dance at bars where beats evolve in tempo (and volume). When the heat of the day dies down, drop into the sacred isle of Delos to explore remarkable ruins; amphitheatres, temples, public squares, marketplaces and shrines to Greek Gods. Take a table in central Chora for perfectly-cooked, local dishes with generous views; mounds of flaky filo, Greek salads, halloumi and sea urchin, washed down with freddo. When the sun sets, head for a signature sundowner with views across the ocean. After dark, follow the fun to legendary bars and clubs. Progressive and profoundly beautiful.

Day 3 – Remarkable Rhodes

Port: Rhodes
Arrival Method: Dock
Arrival: 09:00
Departure: 21:00

Rising from the sea like a jewel, the island of Rhodes was a gift from Zeus to Helios, the sun god. A sun-kissed home to Cicero and Caesar whose rhetoric and thinking still echo along stone-paved lanes and the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Follow the footsteps of the Knights of St. John and their Turkish conquerors who both left fascinating monuments, fountains and shady squares. Soak up the buzzing energy and be gently tempted to step back in time. Pay respect at the pinkish Suleiman Mosque with its tall minaret then seek serenity at the Byzantine Church or heavenly views where perfectly positioned white houses are dotted high into the hills. Whilst you wander, lean into the legend of the 100-foot Colossus, a wonder of the world, replaced now with twin bronze deer that guard the Mandraki Harbour.

Day 4 – Marmaris, Gateway to the Turquoise Coast

Port: Marmaris
Arrival Method: Tender
Arrival: 09:00
Departure: 21:00

Mesmerising Marmaris, overlooked by the mighty castle of Suleiman the Magnificent, crowns Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Founded by traders and warriors more than 3000 years ago, the city and her sheltered harbour are a gateway to ancient civilisations. Graceful Turkish gulets and sleek-sided superyachts arc through secluded coves, where pine-scented hillsides spill down to timeless beaches and crystal-clear water. Cast your eyes upon the sacred sands of fabled Cleopatra Island and listen for Apollo’s song in the hilltop ruins of fallen empires, or a day trip to Dalyan to delve into King Tombs, mud baths, reed-lined rivers, miles of sandy beach, and the infamous Caretta-Caretta sea turtles. Cleanse body and mind in traditional hammams and Turkish bathhouses, while an emporium of Ottoman arts awaits in the Grand Bazaar.

Day 5 – Immerse Yourself in Bodrum

Port: Bodrum
Arrival Method: Dock
Arrival: 09:00
Departure: 20:00

Imagine an old-world fishing town with high society appeal. Explore breathtaking sights on the sunlit Peninsula of the turquoise coast. Soak up the town’s buzzing energy; shop, eat, relax and explore. Pay respect to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, savour fresh fish and meze and sip coffee of toe-tingling strength. Delve into captivating landscapes bursting with nature; the Bafa Lake, olive groves, bougainvillea and hundreds of different bird species. Feel the wind in your hair on a private gullet as you voyage to crystal clear coves of the Aegean. Lasting memories abound.

Day 6 – Verdant, vinicultural Samos

Port: Samos
Arrival Method: Tender
Arrival: 09:00
Departure: 20:00

Considered a cosmopolitan locus of leisure in the Ancient World, Samos welcomed many of the greats to its sandy shores, including Herodotus, Aesop, Pythagoras and Cleopatra. Hera is thought to have held her wedding to Zeus here, and we retrace her steps amidst the columns and coastal temple ruins. This far-flung Aegean island also boasts lush botanical beauty: hike through the hills to springs and waterfalls, seeking pretty mountain villages, churches and monasteries, and enjoy harvests of local fruit and vegetables, olives, honey, lavender, rosemary and acclaimed muscat wine. Alongside a wealth of great beaches with sparkling azure waters, carve time for the archaeological museum in the pretty harbour town of Pythagorio and wander Kokkari, a fishing village known as Samos’s Little Venice.

Day 7 – Day at Sea

Day 8 – The Fusion of Istanbul

Port: Istanbul
Arrival Method: Dock
Arrival: 07:00

Embark on a European and Asian adventure packed with a wealth of charm and cultural diversity. Roam the ‘blue’ mosque of Sultan Ahmet, the Grand Bazaar, opulent Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia or sink into a serene Turkish Bath experience. Embrace the city’s vine-shaded homely district where ladies shop for butter-soaked baklava and freshly picked olives. Explore further to haggle for gold jewellery, linen and oriental antiques. Dine in the atmospheric old city or take a ferry to Asia for street-served food. Feast over rich platters of meze, moist grilled bluefish and succulent kebabs. Heighten your senses even further in the spice bazaar with enticing aromas and vibrant, colourful displays. After such a sensorial feast, indulge in a restorative raki, whichever continent you’re in. By night parties don’t start until late, but expect to dance till dawn. Join the late crowd spilling into the streets overlooking the Bosphorus. Sway at European rooftop bars, shimmer by ferry over to the Asian suburbs or remain ensconced in old-fashioned folk venues. An eclectic fusion of east and west, this city is conservative at heart with a truly modern soul.

Explora Journeys

Discover a new standard of luxury travel on an all-inclusive voyage aboard Explora Journey’s new ship, Explora I.

The custom-built 922-guest cruise ship provides an unforgettable experience, effortlessly combining boutique hotel sensibilities with cutting-edge technology and unrivalled comfort. From the spacious open decks and beautiful ocean-front accommodations to the best-in-class wellness facilities, every element of Explora I exudes class and sophistication.

The service is exceptional, with 700 crew members on-hand to guarantee your every need is taken care of, whether you’re ordering a drink by the pool or looking to book a bespoke shore excursion.

Where sustainability is concerned, Explora I boasts shore-to-ship power, ‘smart’ heating and air conditioning, and state-of-the-art recycling and waste management systems. In addition, as part of the MSC Foundation, Explora Journeys are committed to supporting noble environmental causes.

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