Travel Documents and Visas

Passports are required for travel outside of Canada and the following should be carefully checked before you book your travel arrangements:
  • Passport is valid and that its expiry date is well beyond the date when you plan to leave the country that you are proposing to visit. We recommend renewal of any passport that will expire within 10 months of the planned return date from any trip. This is because some countries require up to 6 months or more of passport validity beyond the proposed exact date from that country. Requirements vary widely between countries with regard to validity and can change without notice.
  • At least three open pages in the passport. This is because some countries require at least two open pages so that they can insert whatever stamps or visas may be necessary.
Many countries also require visas and these often have to be applied for well before arrival. For detailed information about visas are you should phone the consulate or Embassy of the country concerned in Canada. You may also choose to use the services of a visa professional such as www.cibtvisa.ca.
Pardons and Other Documents
Depending on individual circumstances, other documentation may be required in order to travel. For example, previous convictions may prevent entry into the USA and other countries and a special permission or pardon may be required. You should also establish whether you will require any other document such as a permanent resident card, work permit or the like. Legal advice may be required before making travel arrangements.
Children travelling alone or without both parents will require special documents. In general a child under 18 travelling alone out of Canada will require legally certified documentation signed by both parents permitting the child to travel alone or with an adult (example a relative or teacher). A child travelling with one parent will require legally certified documentation of consent from the absent parent. In addition separation or divorce decrees or a death certificate may be required in certain circumstances. Legal advice should be sought where there is any doubt as to status or the consent required. The Dominican Republic is particularly strict with children under 13. Amongst other things, if they do not have the same last name as and are not accompanied by, both parents, they may be required to have permission letters translated into Spanish and notarised and legalised by the Dominican Consulate. Enquiries should be directed to the Dominican Consulate at 416-739-1237 or 514-284-5455.
Photo identification such as a drivers license is required by all travellers for boarding all flights within Canada, including domestic flights.
Previous Convictions
May prevent entry into the USA and other countries without special permissions or pardons. Legal advice should be obtained before booking.
Don't Delay!

Before you book you should establish what visas, permissions, passports and other documents you may be require for your trip and how long it will take to obtain these. Please note that you may not be able to recover amounts paid for cancelled Travel Services as these are often non-refundable in whole or in part.

The Travel Lady