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Wiggle Room

We have all used this expression from time to time – funny how these odd phrases become the norm in the boardroom. 

“Yes we like the parameters of the contract but will need some wiggle room when it comes to design”

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It’s a New Language

I am being very uncool at the moment but there is a whole new language circulating and half the time I really struggle to understand it. I am getting better. I now know what IDK means when I get texts from my granddaughter or OMY from my kids.

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Something Weird in My Coffee

There was an article online a couple of days ago about the new Starbucks coffee trend – olive oil in your coffee. Um – what?  Yes, you heard right.  Apparently it is supposed to make your coffee taste … um … well olive oily?  Look I totally believe that olive oil is good for you and really tasty.  I remember

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Where Have All The People Gone? Long Time Passing

This is the refrain we hear everywhere and now I just read that Lufthansa is cancelling 30,000 summer flights because of “lack of hands”.  This is a problem that has faced Canadian airports and airlines and passengers are frustrated.  They don’t care about the reason why – they just want to get on their flights on time….  So why is

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