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What Not to Pack

As I prepare for my trip to Scotland and then across to Denmark I am going through the usual dilemma. What not to pack. Now I know my message is probably resounding loud and clear to all the women out there. How much is too much and how can I leave behind that particular dress, skirt, scarf – whatever…

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But There’s Sand in Mine…

In my swimsuit I mean.  Damn sand gets all over the place.  That’s why I really quite like those full body suits – ostensibly to protect you from the sun but really they keep the sand out of all the nooks and crannies, if you know what I mean.  Melissa McCarthy had a brilliant one in the Nine Perfect Strangers series – really looked good.

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Barbie Overload

Do you remember playing with Barbie dolls when you were young?  It was the number one thing to put on your Santa list and when

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Tipping Me over the Edge

I had a good chat on QR77 this morning about tipping around the world. Now it seems that tipping has become quite controversial – at least in Canada.

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Hey That’s My Parking Spot!

Have you noticed how territorial we get about parking places.  If you go to a place regularly you kind of get into the habit of parking in the same place and it is REALLY annoying when you find someone parked in “your” place.  Maybe it is because we are creatures of habit – or perhaps that space you park in at the office gets the shade during the day.

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Knock Knock – Room Service

Do you ever order room service? I find that I rarely do but I know it is a popular feature for many whether you are in a hotel or even on a cruise ship. Hotels.com has just released its first-ever Room Service Report, and we now have an interesting list of the most unusual room service orders. After polling hotels around the world, the findings of this report show many interesting surprises, like hotel room service is on the rise, as well as weird orders, extravagant requests, Canadian favourites, and more.

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Moon River Colorado Style

I just got back from one of the most amazing trips – I know I say this a lot but this really was spectacular.  I did the Rocky Mountaineer from Moab to Denver.  So relaxing sitting next to those big windows surrounded by incredible scenery and following the course of the Colorado River.

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The Wonder of Duct Tape

Every house should have a roll of duct tape.  This stuff is amazing.  It can do just about anything around the house – or around your person.  Word has it that it has even been used by women who want to go braless but need that extra little lift! 

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Blog…Is AI a Good Thing?

So is this really me writing this blog or is it AI? This has become so popular now and I am reading about it all over the place. I’m not really sure if I should call it AI or chat box or GPT.   It seems to have so many different names

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Are You a Verified Traveller?

That’s what you have to be if you don’t want to unpack your briefcase …. And everything else.

We have all been through that rigmarole.  Before you even enter security you start getting ready by taking off your belt and fiddling in pockets.

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