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Lost Little Suitcase

I don’t know what to think. I have been going around on this carousel for two days now and I have no idea where my mom is. She is always there usually when I arrive on the carousel … waiting for me with a big smile. Now there is just a hall full of angry strangers. People pushing me over

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Is Your New Year’s Resolution Odd?

C’mon don’t pretend you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions – even silently to yourself, because, let’s face it, the New Year is a great time to get yourself organised and on the right path. How many times have you said to yourself just after midnight – “OK, that’s it. I am going to cut down on junk and stop

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Santa’s Vacation

Oh man, I am very tired, thought Santa. It was THAT time of year again and it always seemed to be the same old thing. Trying to organise those elves was a nightmare. These young elves – Millenials or whatever they are called these days – just have no idea of how to do a job properly. He remembered the

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The Daily Rag

Otherwise known as the daily newspaper – sadly seems to be a thing of the past these days. I was therefore quite surprised the other morning arriving just after 6 am at Global Morning News studio to see a rolled-up copy of the Calgary Herald lying on the front door mat. I couldn’t step over it. I carefully picked it

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Travel Rules

I actually wanted to talk about the different rules in effect all around the world but looking at that headline I think that is awesome – travel does rule. It is one of the most stimulating, illuminating, annoying, satisfying, and frustrating experiences of our lives – and we just keep doing it. No, I wanted to talk about the rules

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