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Holiday Travel Checklist

There are some things to remember when you travel during the high season such as Christmas. It’s important to prepare all of these things a week prior to your flight.

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Who Are These People??

You know the ones I mean.  Those perfect people who wrap up perfect parcels to go under the Christmas tree.  First you cut the paper this way and then fold it that, then tuck this under that and twist this up like that and suddenly it looks like a flower.  But mine looks nothing like that.

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Christmas Travel – Santa’s Best Tips

So you have a trip planned for travel over Christmas?  Tis the season to be jolly – so pack your suitcase with more care than Santa checks his list.  Christmas travel is a festive adventure that combines the thrill of the holiday spirit with the chaos of navigating bustling airports and crowded highways.  So grab your sleigh, or more realistically, your suitcase on wheels, and let’s embark on a humours journey through the holly-jolly world of Christmas travel.

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Bathroom Etiquette

So when you go to the loo (as we call it in England) at the office or at a restaurant how do you behave in there when you are not alone?   You know the situation.  You leave your desk, pop into the loo and there is someone in there already. 

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You Paid How Much for That Suitcase?

What does your suitcase look like? Does it have a Gucci logo (or maybe a fake Gucci logo). The reason I ask is that a recent survey of higher-end fashion stores revealed that sales are down. Now we all know that the cost of living has gone up so it is natural that the sale of luxury items would go down. BUT – the one product in these stores where sales have gone up is – LUGGAGE!

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Stupid Passengers

Why is getting on and off a plane so frustrating?
Not because of the planes, not because of the security officers or the check in agents.
It’s the stupid passengers.

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Vegas Baby!

I have to start this blog with a disclaimer – I do not like Vegas.  However, when I was told that our travel conference was going to be held in Vegas I was pleased.  WHY?   Well Vegas is pretty easy to get to from pretty much all over the States and Canada and the short flight from Calgary made this conference very attractive.  But honestly – would I come here for a vacation.  Nope.  

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Here Kitty Kitty

Are you a cat lover?  Then I have the place for your next holiday.  The little island of Aoshima off Japan’s coast line will be just perfect for you.  There are about 120 cats on the small island and only about 10 of then are neutered so you can bank on it that the population is going to rise.

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On the Toilet Again…

What I meant to say was On the toilet issue again – but the headline sort of sounds intriguing! I have written about this before – how each country has its own type of toilet. Some are wonderful – as in Japan – and some are not so much! I am sure that all of you travellers out there have stories about that time when you “just had to go” and ended up in something terrifyingly awful.

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In the Good Old Days

I remember when I was a kid there was a program on tv where the presenter would spin a globe and wherever it landed was where they were going to travel to. Of course there were places then that were off limits but the way the world is going it seems that there are more places now that we cannot travel to. This might mean that you never reach that goal of One Hundred Countries.

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