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Have You Ever Been Bugged?

I mean bed bugged?  You maybe read on the news about the infestation of bed bugs in Paris.  Well Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world – and no wonder.  It is the capital of love, fashion, food, art and everything else.  And now apparently Capital of Bed Bugs. Honestly I have travelled far and wide. 

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On the Toilet Again…

What I meant to say was On the toilet issue again – but the headline sort of sounds intriguing! I have written about this before – how each country has its own type of toilet. Some are wonderful – as in Japan – and some are not so much! I am sure that all of you travellers out there have stories about that time when you “just had to go” and ended up in something terrifyingly awful.

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In the Good Old Days

I remember when I was a kid there was a program on tv where the presenter would spin a globe and wherever it landed was where they were going to travel to. Of course there were places then that were off limits but the way the world is going it seems that there are more places now that we cannot travel to. This might mean that you never reach that goal of One Hundred Countries.

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Children on Planes

A Turkish airline has now launched an adult only zone on some of its routes and this has sparked up the old debate about children – especially babies – on flights.

Apparently, the Airline, Clarendon, which operates out of Amsterdam, will separate the area from the rest of the passengers with walls and curtains.  Of course, this is going to cost more – doesn’t everything?

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What Not to Pack

I have travelled so often and so many times you think I would have this down pat. The problem is not the main things. The rule is easy. One week cruise – 7 long dresses, lululemon pants, couple of casual tops, good walking shoes, heels for the evening, rain jacket ….. that stuff no problem.

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