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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

Have you come across this saying?  It is very appropriate because of course as travel agents we love to travel – we need to travel – but when it comes to planning our own travel that always comes last and man – it is so tiring.  It would be wonderful to have a travel agent.  But I am one.  So buck up and get on with it.

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Dublin’s Fair City

I just got back from a trip to Dublin to visit the family.  I have tons of cousins there and stayed with my favourite in a little suburb called Artane.  We did lots of family things together but of course on the last day or so we had to do some touristy things – like visiting downtown Dublin. 

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Funny Looking People

There are some really strange people in Dublin airport. They are different shapes and sizes and colors. Some of them are square and some of them have wheels. If you look at them, they will ignore you. Especially because they’re taking up a seat where everybody else has got to stand.

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Waymo Cars – Driverless Ubers/Taxis

On a recent trip to Phoenix I was fascinated to see the Waymo cars – driverless ubers/taxis – making their way round the city.  I didn’t get a chance to ride in one unfortunately but friends told me that they did and it was “wild” – not in the sense of reckless driving – just in the idea of sitting there in a car with nobody driving it!  It’s quite the thought!

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Tourists Go Home

That’s the message that seems to be coming out of various countries. Big demonstrations in the Canaries about over tourism. I haven’t been to the islands but I do know that it is a big destination for the Brits. Those lovely sandy beaches and hot days are a welcome escape from the British grey drizzle.

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Is Anything Real?

In these days of social media and AI you really start to wonder what is real and what is fake because the fakes are getting so good. Take Chat GPT …. I have been told so often that this is an amazing tool – you can write a blog post or a book if you like – without even thinking.

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So You Missed Your Cruise / Bus / Flight

You may have read about the people who missed the departure of their NCL cruise in West Africa.  They had left the ship in the morning and departed on a private tour that they had booked themselves – not one of the cruise ship tours.

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No Tie, No Jacket, No Suitcase

There’s a trend at the moment with many of the cruise lines to ditch that idea of formal wear. A couple of nights on the cruise. Feedback is from people, especially the men, that they just do not want to wear a jacket and a tie. They’re on holiday. Holiday. Have been doing this for years in the executive workplace. Same thing for women.

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Be Careful What You Touch

In Dublin’s Fair City – where the girls are so pretty ….

Does that line ring a bell?  Did you find yourself singing along the words of Sweet Molly Malone.  Perhaps you have seen her statue in Dublin.

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Happiest Cats in the World

Having just sailed from Istanbul, with various stops in Turkey and the Greek islands, I have decided that the cats in this area are definitely the happiest. Every stop you go to you will probably see three, four or maybe even six or seven cats. Many of them have the distinctive patchy, dark brown and ginger spots on their faces, which is typical for the Aegean breed, which is native to this part of the world.

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How Many Countries Have You Been To?

It’s something that people get obsessed with – counting the countries they have visited. It used to be that you wanted to get to 100 – that would be amazing. But no …. There is an even higher goal – VISIT EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Can you imagine?

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