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I am on an Alaska cruise with my three year old grandson.  Thankfully I have his parents along too for the ride because I am not sure if I could do this solo any more.  Not to say I haven’t done this before.  My first cruise was way back in 1990 when my youngest was just a baby still in diapers.  And it was a three week cruise.  Talk about ambitious.  We sailed from Durban all the way along the Mozambique Channel going as far as the Seychelles.  It was on an old cruise ship part of the Epirotiki line but we thought it was heaven.  Our room was so noisy with engine vibrations that it lulled the little one to sleep and acted like a white noise.

We stopped at some amazing places along the way – like the Comoros Islands.  We went ashore and luckily we had taken the stroller with us.  We walked through one of the local markets.  In those days Comoros was not very well known and did not have very many foreign visitors so it was as if we were the attraction – especially the little one in the stroller.  A lot of the local people had come in to the market and were wearing traditional face paint.  Our little guy did not know what to think.  He stared and stared.  Just as well he wasn’t talking then as I can just imagine the questions.

He actually learned to walk on the cruise and after three weeks when we got off the ship in Durban he just sat down on the ground and refused to walk – because there was no movement!!

Our little three year old grandson successfully survived the boarding process in Vancouver.  There were a lot of ships departing so the line up was long but he was very patient.  Once on board we took him for a walk around the ship and what did he spot?????  The ice cream bar.  Yup.  I think that is going to be a real challenge.  🙂 …… for his grandpa too!  


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