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The Wonder of Duct Tape

Every house should have a roll of duct tape.  This stuff is amazing.  It can do just about anything around the house – or around your person.  Word has it that it has even been used by women who want to go braless but need that extra little lift!  Seriously, I am not kidding here.  No need to buy those fancy gadgets you see on Amazon – just dig around in your husbands tool box and you will find a roll of duct tape.  Cut off a couple of strips, tape up the girls and you are ready to go!

blog duct tape 01

But just stop a minute and think …. This could be the next big thing for travellers.  An essential item that you pack in your carry on bag.

Look at the numerous situations where duct tape could come in handy.


No worries there – your flight is about to leave so you just whip out the duct tape and voila!  You are ready to board.

blog duct tape 02


Calling out all you middle seat people – you know who you are.  You volunteer for this seat because your partner has to sit on the aisle and most planes are 3 – 3 configuration.

The rule says that middle seat gets both armrests.  How many times does that really happen.  Well now you have duct tape in your carry on.  So when you get into your middle seat whip out the duct tape and tape your arm to the armrest where you are sitting next to a stranger.  No need to tape your arm to the armrest next to your spouse.  They know already that you are pissed off to have to always have the middle seat so they are totally going to allow you to have the armrest on their side. 


How embarrassing to snore when you are on an aircraft.  Now the whole plane can hear you – not just your partner.  Again, whip out the duct tape and tape your mouth closed.  This way you will only breath through your nose and voila! The snoring will stop.  You might look a bit like a hostage but experts say that nose breathing when you sleep is the best way to get a good night and, of course, not to snore. 

blog duct tape 03


It might not look pretty but if you are on a hike somewhere amazing in the world and you damage your hiking boots duct tape will come to the rescue.

It’s better than wet feet –

blog duct tape 04


Nobody likes it when your flight is delayed due to “mechanical issues” so now is your time Duct Hero.  You can help out with fixing anything on the plane.

Like this EasyJet flight – now doesn’t that make you feel great.  Just sit back, relax and have a good flight.

Maybe tape your mouth so you don’t complain to the flight attendant.  Just go to sleep.  It will be fine.  After all it’s Duct Tape!

blog duct tape 05

6 Responses

  1. Leslie we once were on a flight back from The Dominican Republic when our wing tore the tail cone off another plane. The crew were standing over the wing in the rain trying to figure how to duct tape it.
    We all got off and waited for them to send down their only other L1011. Worldways wasn’t in business for long after that. .
    The local fellow directing the pilot in turning the plane dropped the orange batons and ran for the jungle.
    Lesson learned was always keep your bathing suit in your carry on even on the way back in case you get an extra day.

  2. Great post. Not sure about a cure for snoring but…As a tv producer, I always carried duct tape as an essential part of my camera equipment. Useful in so many applications, especially while travelling. I carry a strip wrapped around a “sharpie” – another great tool for travel. Another strip is wrapped around my hiking pole. One particular use I recall was to mend the flapping sole on a hiking boot in a California desert, miles from camp. Lessons from Red Green. “If the women don’t find you handsome, at least they should find you handy.”😉

  3. LOL!! We were on a motorcycle trip through the mountains with a couple of other couples. We stopped at Emerald Lake to take a walk around the lake…. Sure enough my riding boot sole fell apart. You guessed it! The only thing we had to fix it with on our bikes was duct tape. Looked pretty cool 😂😂!

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