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This morning I returned to the studio at Global News and actually appeared live on set instead of skyping in my segment. There were many hugs to be had all around. A sort of celebration. Then I showed them my Black Book – the last time I was live in the studio was on 14 March 2020. Wow – all that time …. gone!

It got me thinking about how time can really rob us of experiences. Of course, the Covid lockdown comes to mind right away – but what about all those other time-wasting exercises we do. Well, I am not going to add in work there – because we are lucky to have the jobs we do have but I do remember my dad absolutely hating his job and wishing away the days. I suppose it was very boring for him to work at an aircraft factory checking inventory when he had spent his career on aircraft carriers going around the world. But even in the most exciting job in the world, there must be moments of boredom.

A recent ad I saw about virtual consultations with your doctor comes to mind. The doctor said that with a zoom call you can put aside 15-20 minutes to chat with your doctor and really discuss symptoms etc. and then get your requisitions or whatever. Much better than having to take half a day off work, drive for 40 minutes, and have to pay to park. But I wonder – if you did a virtual consultation with your doctor could you take that time that you have saved and not go to work but go and do something really useful with it – like a walk in the park, get some fresh air, meditate under a tree, go for a sleep??

And think about when you travel – how much time you spend getting there. Those long flights have to be good for something, surely. Maybe instead of sleeping or eating pretzels or watching films, we should use that time to do something worthwhile. Maybe take along an educational book with you – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or The Power of Now or How to Make Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living …. OK I am already asleep on the plane, drooling into my headrest!! I think it is something about the air on the plane or the noise on the plane …. it just puts me to sleep. So that is time gone – bam! Never coming back. But it is time spent on a good cause …. getting me to wonderful places that would have taken 3 weeks by ship before. So thank you planes – yes I will have an extra pillow and another glass of wine.

So although time does steal away precious moments that we could be doing something else it is also really not worthwhile getting fussed about because … Time marches on, people. I remember my mom telling me that sometimes when she passed by the mirror and saw herself she would get a shock because inside she still felt like that young girl who travelled from Ireland across to England seeking her fortune. I think we are all like that. Time steals our youth but it is up to us to make sure that we made the most of that youthful time. I know I did. I remember getting into trouble lots of times so I must have been having a good time!

One of the biggest reasons people tell me why they want to travel now is because they have lost so much time from their lives. It might not be a big deal when you are 10 or even 20 but when you are a boomer – it’s a big deal. The world is out there waiting and it is exciting and we can’t waste another minute. Except for perhaps those Saturday afternoon naps – and they are not wasted. Oh no. That’s what beauty sleep is all about!

So listen, Old Father Time, step back. I have your measure!


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  1. I love this particular blog (not that I liked the others less). Time does fly by and often we are left thinking about all that we wished to have done and did not do it (for me travel). Do everything that you can and wish for before time takes away those opportunities. Thx for sharing.

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