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The Ghosts in Venice and the Cursed Casino

Once you start digging into the stories of Venice you just can’t stop. I was interested to find out more about the hotel I was staying in – Ca’Sagredo Hotel – and once I was down the rabbit hole that was it.  

You see the place is indeed a palace dating back to the 14th Century and boy you can really see that with the elaborate staircases and large reception rooms throughout the hotel.  One thing caught my eye, however, when we were being shown to our room.  Just as you step into the room on the right hand side of the entrance was a small window with a curtain.  How odd I thought.  So of course as soon as we closed the door I pulled aside the curtain and it revealed a small round hole looking onto the staircase.  What the heck was that for?  Maybe spying on who is coming up and down the stairs.  

blog rabbit hole 1

Down the rabbit hole I found out that the hotel was the inspiration behind the setting of “A Haunting in Venice” –  another Poirot mystery where he attends a seance and is then haunted by unseen spirits.  I cannot think of a better place for it to be based.

Anyone coming up those stairs would be freaked out to see me peering out of that window.

blog rabbit hole 2

And then there is the Cursed Casino.  Now this is not a Vegas casino you understand.  A casino in the true sense of the word is a social club and at the hotel there were a group of about 6 rooms that were set aside just for that purpose.  Getting together and hanging out privately.  Away from the rabble….you get the idea.  I am not quite sure what the curse is and for sure I don’t want to try and find out but suffice it to say it is said to be the home of restless spirits.  And – even better – there is a secret passage to get into the Casino.  

And also don’t forget that in all this the family name of Sagredo comes from the Italian word for secret.  

Don’t tell anyone!


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  1. Love EVERYTHING about this post. I might have to ask Amanda to book me another trip to Venice!

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