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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

Have you come across this saying?  It is very appropriate because of course as travel agents we love to travel – we need to travel – but when it comes to planning our own travel that always comes last and man – it is so tiring.  It would be wonderful to have a travel agent.  But I am one.  So buck up and get on with it.

I am planning my June travel which is going to be a longer time away than I usually take and although I have been planning this for ages there are still bits and pieces that have to be done.  One of my agents here in the office is in the same position – a trip planned for Greece with a lot of tweaking to be done.  She says the last thing she wants to do when she gets home in the evening is to start working on her travel arrangements.  So that’s why the cobbler’s children have no shoes.  You see when we book our own travel it is not as streamlined as when we book for our clients.  In those cases we have a procedure that everything has to go through quality control and get checked off and reminders set up.  We don’t do that for ourselves!!  No time.  No time.

I remember once being on a Paul Gauguin cruise.  We had arranged at the end of the cruise to stay for a couple of nights at an overwater bungalow in Moorea.  This happened to be one of the stops on our cruise  itinerary and while we were touring the island my husband suggested that we stop in at the hotel to double check our booking.  It’s fine, I said irritably, I have the confirmation.  We stopped in anyway – just to say hello – and lo and behold – hadn’t I booked the hotel for the month previously.  OMG.  Luckily the hotel was lovely and just moved my booking for me without any penalty.  Yikes.

We have all heard those stories about people who fly into Sydney, Nova Scotia thinking they should be flying into Australia.  I read the other day that Salzburg airport had a special desk for passengers who thought they were flying to Australia and not Austria.  I fact checked that one and its not true.

When I was researching for this blog I looked up biggest travel mistakes made – and there are some funny ones there.   Someone rushed home from work to pick up their bag and make their way to the airport.  Checked in and had to pay extra for overweight luggage.  Was puzzled about it at the time.  When they got to the hotel on the other end and opened up they realised they had picked up the bag with all the families old photo albums

But the most impactful thought I read was this one –

Biggest travel mistake: Start travel late in life.  Travel early, travel often. 

I know it costs money to travel and we are not all in a position when we are younger to afford this – but wow – time is indeed the most precious commodity.  Let’s use it wisely!


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    1. thanks Linda – I enjoy writing the blog but it is so heartwarming to get this lovely feedback! Lesley

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