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The Buffet Dilemma

I have just returned from a one week cruise to Alaska – what a fantastic destination.  It never gets old and I always see something new.  This was my third time.  We got so close to the Hubbard Glacier and it calved several times – the thunder echo around the valley – magnificent.  But also a bit worrying – I haven’t seen it calve that much in the past but then I have never done an Alaska cruise in high season – so maybe that’s why.

But that’s not the reason for the post.  I want to talk about the buffet.  Now having a 3 year old with us we decided that the buffet was the easiest place to eat and I have to tell you the food was amazing.   The problem is not what to eat it is what NOT to eat.   Oh my goodness.  I think I am not going to eat for a week.  It was all so delicious.

Of course on sea days the buffet was extra busy at lunch time so it was maybe advisable to go at 1 pm instead of noon.  You really don’t have to worry about them running out of food.  There is just so much and it keeps coming!!  Just so interesting how some people don’t get the concept of a queue – or a line up as it is called here.  You can’t just butt in.  C’mon!!   Read any review of a cruise buffet (or any other buffet for that matter) and you will hear complaints of people who bust the line up, reach over your plate for that last chocolate roll, cough over the salad …. Need I go on?

The great thing about a buffet is you can mix and match.  A bit of Indian curry with a smattering of Mexican tapas.  What’s not to like here?  I did stop and stare at someone’s plate who had mixed both main course and dessert.  Really ????

I was also happy to see that there was a choice (although limited) of gluten free food – but I had to laugh when I saw this picture (which is not one of mine and was not taken on my cruise).

buffet blog 01

Yes – very Gluten Free – green apples for main course and red apples for dessert!

OK so now that I have had 7 days of the buffet (with no controlled portions) I am not eating for a week – maybe two!

buffet blog 02

4 Responses

  1. I like salads when I don’t have to make them!
    So a small salad plate, then the main course& look at what is offered all the way down before choosing.
    By then I really don’t have much room for dessert which is just as well.
    I’m always enthralled with how much some people can stack on one plate but pickles& horseradish are not great to mix with appetizers& dessert folks. Really as Leslie says they don’t run out of food!

    1. So true Lynn. I saw plates piled high and wondered how anyone could eat all that …. but the food was very tempting 🙂

  2. It was so nice to see you on the cruise. My husband noticed you first when we went up to the buffet for lunch. Food was lovely at the buffet. Now as for people coughing over the salad, etc. we are now sick.

    1. Oh wow – you should have said Hello 🙂 Yes unfortunately I came home with a cold. I hope you are feeling better now. I agree that they should have enforced the hand sanitizing a bit more. My grandson was obsessed with the sanitizer to the extend that he got it in his eyes and then cried very loudly. I hope his antics in the buffet did not disturb you. Very hard to keep a 3 year old in check 🙂

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