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Stupid Passengers

Why is getting on and off a plane so frustrating?

Not because of the planes, not because of the security officers or the check in agents.

It’s the stupid passengers.

Just think about your last trip.  You get to the airport and line up for security.  You get yourself all geared up – belts off, shoes off, lap top out of the bag.

Through the xray.

Out the other end.

Then you watch your tray make its way slowly down the rollers but you can’t get to it.  Why?  Because some idiot has seen fit to get dressed standing right where his tray has stopped.  The other trays are now bumping up against his but nope, he is going to put on his belt, his watch, his shoes and pack his briefcase while we all stand watching.  That’s why they have tables behind you!  Pick up your tray, walk over to the table and then take all day for all I care while you “re-arrange” yourself.  Goodness me.  And the journey hasn’t even started yet.

Then there is the pantomime of getting on the plane.  Shame, those poor check in agents.  They call Zone 1 and there is a line up out the door of the airport because everyone in every zone wants to get in the line.  Maybe they should make us wear a sticky label with our zone number right on our foreheads so the gate agent (and the other passengers) can easily see which zone you are and can remind you that this is not your zone.

But it is not over.  Then there is the struggle with the hand luggage.  And if you have ever been on one of those planes with the overhead bins requiring you to stack your luggage sideways – well good luck.

blog stupid passenger

That’s how it is supposed to be stacked – but it never happens that way in real life and the flight attendant has to go round repositioning the bags.

And don’t you love the person who gets on and stows his carry on in the overhead bin over row 7 and then proceeds to the back to his own row 22.


But it’s not over until the fat lady sings.  So they say.

You finally get off the flight but if you have checked baggage you head down to the baggage carousel.  Tension mounts as the belt starts moving.  Then boom, boom, boom …. The bags start coming.  Everyone moves in a bit closer and then someone comes and stands right in front of you so you can’t see what’s coming out because you have to be there on the spot when it drops down the slope onto the belt.

Oh and let’s not forget the person who grabbed the wrong bag and then struggled to throw it back onto the belt while bumping into three other people who are also standing guard.

Oh my goodness.

Can you tell I have travellers’ fatigue.

But it doesn’t last long.  Just throw me a brochure of the latest small ship cruise or a picture of the cobbled streets of Edinburgh and I’M OFF on another adventure.

Can’t help it!


14 Responses

  1. Well said, Lesley!

    Selfishness appears to be the name of the game!
    On a WestJet flight from Gatwick to Calgary, (9+ hours) my husband & I sat with our carry on bags under the seats in front of us. I was not too bad off but my 6’2” husband was!
    When the plane landed in Calgary, the couple seated in front of us carried off no less than 7 bags, small suitcases, backpacks & some cross body bags they must have hidden under their coats. They just sat there as we struggled trying to find a place for our bags, let us give up & put them under the seats. The woman did wander down the aisle and back peaking in to see our situation, doing nothing. At the end of the flight, we stood up & the jackass in front of us had to say “ excuse me “ to get some of their 7 bags from the overhead bin above our seats. I couldn’t stop myself from looking him right in the eye and saying “ so you’re the selfish AH!!” I did write WestJet a letter, received an apology, hopefully, my letter was brought to the attention of gate agents.

    1. Oh how frustrating for you. Some people are just so selfish! Sorry that happened to you. Now you know why there is air rage 🙂

  2. Great comments Lesley!
    We have seen first hand everything that you said…
    Today’s passengers really need to learn how to act in public and use some common sense 🥹
    And to be more respectful to others!

    Not going to stop us from travelling as it’s always great to get away.

  3. The airlines could solve part of the problem by just putting the price to store the bag under the plane into the price of the ticket. Maybe then people wouldn’t try to cram everything they need for a two week holiday into a bag which really isn’t a carryon bag. These bags just keep getting bigger and bigger

  4. on my last flight because of delays the asked the passengers to remain seated until those having connecting issues could get off a no brainer!!!!

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