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Something Weird in My Coffee

There was an article online a couple of days ago about the new Starbucks coffee trend – olive oil in your coffee.

Um – what?  Yes, you heard right.  Apparently it is supposed to make your coffee taste … um … well olive oily?  Look I totally believe that olive oil is good for you and really tasty.  I remember being in Italy and going to an olive oil tasting.  I expected bread to dip into the olive oil to taste.  No way – we were given little cups of olive oil for SIPPING!!  I was a bit astonished.  I had never done this before but boy you can really taste the difference doing it that way.

So, I love olive oil.  But in my coffee?

blog coffee 1

Now my husband read the same article.  I must admit I am a bit spoilt.  We invested in a Nespresso machine and every morning my husband makes me coffee in bed.  What a brat, hey?  So, the other morning he brought up the coffee as usual.  I plumped up my pillows and opened up Facebook to update myself on the latest and took a sip ……….

Mmmmm.  Did he not put sweeteners in the coffee. Tasted sweet, but a bit different.  Wasn’t quite sure but who am I to complain about having coffee in bed so I said nothing.  Nada.

After he while he turns to me.  So how’s your coffee?  I looked at him suspiciously.  Why?  What have you done.

Well, he says, I thought you would like to try the new Starbucks trend so I threw in a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  OMG.  It was not good.  I thought this could definitely put Starbucks out of business.  What the hell were they thinking.  Imagine getting your coffee with those little oil blobs floating around on top.  MM – not a fan.  Left it at that.

Until I read the article on the Global News website.  It raved on about the health benefits of oil infused coffee and how it inspires the taste.  And then I came across this bit

Olive oil will not be poured directly into the drinks, but will be infused either through steaming, shaking or blending the oil.

Just read that out slowly “Olive oil will not be poured directly onto the drinks”.

My husband will never be able to get a job at Starbucks!

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