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So You Missed Your Cruise / Bus / Flight

You may have read about the people who missed the departure of their NCL cruise in West Africa.  They had left the ship in the morning and departed on a private tour that they had booked themselves – not one of the cruise ship tours.  During the course of the tour one of the passengers realised that they were still quite far from the port and maybe they should get going.  Too late!  By the time the tour bus arrived back at the port the ship was closed up and ready for departure.   At this particular port the ship was anchored off shore and therefore the ship’s tender was used to ferry people back and forth to the port.   The Captain refused to allow them to board.  This happens a lot:

The all aboard time was 3 pm and apparently these people were over an hour late!!

You can imagine all the protocols and procedures the Captain has to go through.  I am not an expert but I imagine there are safety protocols involved, bringing the tender boats back onto the ship (if the ships’s boats are used), shutting down all the scanning equipment, safety procedures etc.  It probably takes about an hour to do this and then the slots at the various ports are fixed in time, similar to the time slots for the river cruises.  Why should a couple of thousand people be forced to hang around because a few people were careless and did not plan properly.  It’s like when you go on tour – there is always that person or couple who are the last back on the bus while everyone sits waiting patiently because they followed instructions.  On one tour I was on there was one couple who did this every single stop.  So bad that in the end we all started clapping when they got on the bus.

There was some criticism of the ship but my thought is how many times haven’t you been at the airport and seen someone dashing up to the gate as the plane is pulling back …. Nope – you have missed your flight.  Sorry – not sorry.

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  1. Hi Lesley: Those arriving late and missing the boat most likely are the type of people that keep others waiting when they’re back home as well. Hopefully it is a lesson learned! Thankyou for sharing

  2. We are booked on WJ direct to SEA with 2 hours to spare before on board at 3 pm . What do we do if WJ is late ? Can we force them to fly to next port YVR so we can board our cruise ?

    1. Oh my goodness Wayne. Who advised you to book this flight? Way too close to your cruise departure. There is nothing WJ will do if your flight gets in late because they are not connected with the cruise line. Whenever I cruise I usually go in one day prior just to be on the safe side. This is way too close for comfort. Sorry. Perhaps try to change your flight?
      Fingers crossed,

      1. Thanks , WJ service is ? so I ckd and there is Amtrac near SEAtac that will get us there later that day and we can overnight in Vanc Cruise port hotel and get the ship next day . Should we notify HAL if WJ is late ?
        BTW my brother liked your Portugal Long stay

        1. This is a bit tricky really because you will require special permission to board at another port. so I would suggest rather trying to change your air ticket. From the cruise point of view they are scheduled to depart at a specific time due to pilot tugs and a very tight timetable so even advising HAL of your late flight will not change their departure time.
          And yes – just flew from Dublin to Calgary and we sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes waiting for clearance. You need lots of leeway these days when flying. fingers crossed ….

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