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Rats to You

There are lots of people who are scared of rats, bats, mice, bugs, snakes, spiders ……  I could go on.  I hear this a lot from people who really want to go to exotic tropical locations but the first thing they ask is “Will there be bugs there?”.  Well – yes.  That’s what tropical means and I totally understand people being scared of them.

But some people are fascinated by them.  Yes really!  I have had people tell me with relish about their bug tours through jungles at night!  Well – each to his own.  Someone in New York, however, decided that this was a career path just shouting his name.  Applause please for the Rat Whisperer of New York City.  Otherwise known as the Rat Guy.

I was fascinated to read this article on CBC As It Happens https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/nyc-rat-tours-1.6958214

His video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down some steps in New York really put him on the map.  Not everyone is happy  however.  The Mayor of New York doesn’t want the city to become famous for the rats – although there are thousands of them. 

Now instead of schlepping up the Empire State Building you can go on a rat tour and visit the most rat-infested places in New York.

blog rats

I am heading that way on Sunday …. Maybe I should book a tour ?????


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