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Are there things that just drive you right round the bend? We all have our little bugbears. (Mmmm – thinks to self – why do I use that name and what does it mean.) Check in with good old google and I learn a bit more about this fascinating language –

Definition of bugbear
1 : an imaginary goblin or specter used to excite fear.
2a : an object or source of dread.
b : a continuing source of irritation : problem.

Well there you go – an imaginary goblin??? but definitely b is the answer in my case. I have a few bugbears –

Passwords – I know, I know. We have talked about this before. Just about everything these days needs a bloody password! Keeping track of them is a full time job. I have Dashlane on my computer but it seems to store all sorts of random passwords and some platforms won’t allow it to save the password. So I have a back up password book. I should have done all the entries in pencil because many of the passwords are constantly changing. Ugh.

Overhead bins on flights – Oh my goodness. When will people learn how to stow their luggage properly. On planes with the higher overhead bin they clearly show the diagram. Stack the case on the side so more cases can fit in.


pov: you’re on one of our new planes with larger overhead bins #travel #traveltiktok #plane #flying #luggage #unitedairlines

♬ Up and down girl – mik :-))

Upon landing – That’s right. You are at the back of the plane but make sure you stand up right away – the MINUTE the plane gets to the gate. That way you can drag your case out of the bin and push past all the people sitting in front of you. OK OK if your flight has a really tight connection then I get it. I will shut up.

Watching movies on the flight – I don’t often do this as I prefer to read but my last flight I thought it would make a nice change. I was in the middle seat (we have talked about this before and I think you know the reason for this – me being a very nice kind wife!) and you know how embarrassing it is to sit next to a stranger on a flight and the film you are watching suddenly has this unexpected sex scene. Oh my goodness. Some of the movies today are so graphic. If you know it is that kind of film, well you just wouldn’t watch it like that in public. Imagine watching a few Game of Thrones episodes on the flight!!! I kept trying to fast forward but these touch screen thingies are so finicky to use. I did a sideways squint to see if the guy next to me noticed me watch the sex scene. He must have seen it but pretended he didn’t. I ended up switching off the movie before it was done.

I have just read this through again and I thought “Wow – I sound like such an irritable bitch”. I must need a vacation. I think I know a travel agent who can help me out. 🙂

At least now we know the definition of a bugbear – is yours a goblin or a source of irritation?


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