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Packing My Woollies

That’s right – I am packing again for another adventure but this time something different.  Antarctica.  Wow.  Never thought I would get there but never say never.  So the weekend I was out scouting ultra warm long johns and vests.  Before you tell me I am mad to go to Antarctica after the spell of cold we have had here just remember that it is their summer and probably will be a lot warmer than here.  (You can see I am an optimist!)  However, when you go out on the ice/snow to check out the penguins you need to be wrapped up warm and I fully intend to follow all the advice I got as to what clothes to take and how many layers I will need.  This is what I ended up buying

blog woollies

And I don’t look anywhere near as good as this model but I don’t give a damn.  By the time I have all my  layers I will look more like Michelin Man!  But who cares?  I need to be warm because I want to make the most of this experience.   So if you have any tips on keeping the extremities warm let me know because my fingers and toes are very badly behaved in the cold weather.

The other thing Seabourn recommended are waterproof trousers because apparently when you are sitting in the zodiac whale watching or penguin watching it can get a bit wet and nobody wants a wet bum – a cold wet bum I should say.  So yes, I am going to be waterproofed up to my ears.  The challenge is do I put these special garments in my carry on  –  just in case.  (What?  Airlines lose luggage?  Never!!!)  I bet the ship has a shop on board.  This is a beautiful Seabourn expedition ship.  Of course it has a shop on board.  A couple of years ago I was on a Seabourn cruise and my luggage didn’t arrive.  I shopped at their beautiful on board boutique and have sone lovely souvenirs from that experience.

This is going to be a hot and cold experience because I have one night in Buenos Aires on the way there and then two nights on the way back.  I love Buenos Aires and the temp at the moment is a balmy 30 degrees.  Ole!  Where did I store my tango dress?

blog tango

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