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On the Toilet Again…

What I meant to say was On the toilet issue again – but the headline sort of sounds intriguing!  I have written about this before – how each country has its own type of toilet.  Some are wonderful – as in Japan – and some are not so much!  I am sure that all of you travellers out there have stories about that time when you “just had to go” and ended up in something terrifyingly awful. 

But think about the typical office block or shopping centre – there is absolutely no privacy at all.  The whole “stall” idea is just that – like stalls for animals with gaps at the bottom – open at the top – and doors that fit so badly there is at least an inch space around the door.  Not private at all.  This seems to be just in N. America.  Other countries have proper walls going all the way down to the floor and all the way up to the ceiling.  Ladies – how often haven’t you been in the loo at work in that sort of non private toilet and the door opens and someone comes in.  Talk about violation of privacy.   It’s awful.  You can hear EVERYTHING!!!! Aaaargh!

But this fascination with toilets around the world is not exclusive to me.  I found a guy who has a website called Toilets Around the World.  He goes by the name of The Toilet Guru.


He has pictures on his website of toilets – honestly – from all around the world.   Some are lovely –

And some are not.

blog toilet

Oh boy – pass me the Depends.

What’s your worst experience with a toilet???


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  1. Oh Lesley…. I have nightmares about toilets and public washrooms. My worst experience was on a beach in Mexico. I ate (or drank) something that didn’t sit well and I got violently sick. I had to run and use the beach “el banos” (several times), until my poor husband could drag me back to our hotel. Ooof …..

    1. Camped through out Europe. First night outside of Paris, our introduction to the squat and to what we called “flush n rush”. Hole in the ground, and to flush you had to rush out as you pulled the cord…otherwise, your feet got very drenched! Fortunately no stomach problems for anyone….otherwise it would have been UGLY!

      1. I love that ….. Flush and rush. Think I would prefer to pee in the bushes…but that is probably against the law!

  2. Speaking of toilets, last February we travelled to Rwanda (beautiful country) with a stop over at Amsterdam. The airport had square toilet seats and the toilets in Rwanda had square seats as well. Oh my gosh they might be ok for men but I found them not so much for women. Plus I would think small children would fall in 🤦‍♀️ Other than that we had a wonderful time. We did a day safari as well as a 3 day safari that included sleeping 1 night in the national park in a tent on a hill top. The people are wonderful and friendly and they produce the best coffee there!!

    1. I don’t think I would like a square toilet either – probably only good for people with square bottoms :) So glad you enjoyed the safari. Africa is wonderful – I miss it!

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