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No Tie, No Jacket, No Suitcase

There’s a trend at the moment with many of the cruise lines to ditch that idea of formal wear. A couple of nights on the cruise. Feedback is from people, especially the men, that they just do not want to wear a jacket and a tie. They’re on holiday. Holiday. Have been doing this for years in the executive workplace. Same thing for women.

So does this mean less luggage? Many people like the idea of traveling with carry-on. What’s the limit of the number of days you can travel with carry on? Is it feasible? 

I tried this experiment a few years back and spent 2 weeks in Ireland doing carry-on. On the pro side. It was fantastic being able to just jump in a taxi or a train with a small bag with all of my stuff. We weren’t dining anywhere fancy and I was traveling with my sister and brother-in-law so no judgment there. 

On the con side, when I got home I unpacked my suitcase and put those clothes away in a dark tiny corner of the closet as at that stage I thought I would never want to wear them again. 

When I do pack a large suitcase I take way too much stuff and end up bringing stuff home that I haven’t worn at all. So what’s the compromise? What is the in between? 

Yep, it’s just another first world problem.


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