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No I Am Not Crying

After nearly a month of swanning around Europe and being treated like a princess it was time to get back to basics and go to my gym.  I really thought I would be exercising more on holiday.   I had diligently packed my workout gear in a special packing cube and opened it up upon my return to Calgary – unused!!  Well I did do lots of walking but I also did lots of naps and lots of scrumptious meals – not to mention wine.

So even though the jet lag was ever present I decided this morning that I needed to go back for the morning class.  Oh boy – yep I felt that vacation in my legs, my arms and my core.  The other two members of the class seemed to breeze through the exercises while my instructor kept an eye on me and encouraged me to go easy on the weights.

I was sweating cobs (as they say in England) and as I wiped the perspiration from my eyes my instructor came over – very concerned.  “Are you crying?” she asked.  I couldn’t even answer – I was short of breath and the giggles were bubbling up inside me.

Maybe I should be crying. 

I always have this mixed reaction coming home after a fabulous vacation.  Yes, it’s always lovely to come home and see the family, the pets and check the garden.  But I have to confess – I miss having my bed made every day (oops this one is going to get me in trouble because my husband does that every morning).  I miss the lovely meals and being waited on like a princess.  Now I have to take off my tiara and get my ass down to Safeway to stock up the larder and try to remember how to cook.


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  1. Love your back-to-reality story and all the other stories you share! Thanks so much for bringing us stories and a great variety of trip offers!

  2. Nice to go upscale occasionally. As we age, we need to move up a little in our accommodation and travel. Spend on memorable activities not things.
    Don’t cry as you also missed out on our ‘Water Emergency’ but you may have to cry over your garden, unless someone was hand watering it with rainwater.

    1. I second that sentiment. Yes our poor gardens but luckily the rain we had was a big help. My timing was perfect for being away :)

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