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My Latest Phobia

OK we all have fears or phobias – some are rational and some are not.  Like

ARACHNOPHOBIA – an intense fear of spiders.  I have come across this often, especially when selling trips to exotic locations.  You got tropical – you are gonna have some of those babies awaiting you.  Sorry!

OPHIDIOPHOBIA – fear of snakes.  This might well apply to many of the exotic locations we travel to – and then some not so exotic places.  Apparently snakes are found everywhere on the planet EXCEPT Antarctica, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland and New Zealand.  Well we know that St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland but I was surprised about some of those other countries.  So there you are – we have snakes in Canada.  I have seen them myself.  It reminds me of an exotic dancer / stripper who was famous in South Africa.  Glenda Kemp.  She used to dance with with her pet python Oupa (which means Grandfather in Afrikaans).

EISOPTROPHOBIA – fear of mirrors.  Oh boy – I recognize this one after a two week cruise I do not want to look at myself in the mirror until I have had a chance to shed a few of those cruise pounds.

OMBROPHOBIA – fear of rain.  Well of course – anyone going on vacation can understand this phobia.  You have waited so long for this vacation it just has to be perfect so why the heck is it raining?  :(

NUMEROPHOBIA – fear of numbers.   Oh yes.  I get this one too.  When you start adding up how much you spent on your vacation.  When you go on a cruise that is not all inclusive and you get that bill on the last night!

EPHEBIPHOBIA – fear of teenagers.  This is why they have cruises and resorts that are adult only – 18+.  I need say no more.

So what’s my latest phobia.  

NOTRIPHOBIA – fear of not having any future trips currently booked.  I am managing to keep this under control however without the use of medication.  On 25 September I will be heading out to New York to sail once more on the beautiful Explora I all the way to Quebec City.  Really looking forward to this and hoping that I get to see some Fall Foliage.  And then on 31 October I head out to Los Angeles to do an inaugural cruise on the new Oceania ship.  Yep – it’s a crap job but someone has to do it!


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