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Looking for an Exciting Vacation? Here We Go!

Are you looking for a vacation with exciting challenges?  Nope – I am not talking about getting first in line for the buffet – or ducking off the tour bus via the rear door so you don’t have to give the driver a tip.

I am talking about a real challenge like racing around the harbour in Castletown on the Isle of Man  in a tin bath.  Yep each year 100 people do this during September.  Can you just imagine?

It is organized by the Castletown Real Ale Drinkers Society.   Honestly, you would have to offer me a couple of glasses of ale to try this – or maybe even a wee Scotch. Yep you would have to offer a couple of glasses of ale – or maybe a wee Scotch to get me to do that.

vacation 1
vacation 2

If you are heading to Thailand here’s something more interesting than hanging out on the beach.  The monkey buffet festival.  The local villagers honestly provide over two tons of sausage, fruit and ice cream to be enjoyed by over 600 monkeys.  Now this is something I really can’t understand.  Whenever I have been to places where monkeys abound the last thing you want to do is to feed them human food.  They are bad enough as it is once they become accustomed to humans so I really don’t understand this one.  Having grown up in Africa and spending lots of holidays camping I have had the experience of walking into my trailer only to be standing face to face with a monkey with my loaf of bread in his hands.  You see, the leave the window just a crack open and these clever animals (they are actually nearly human) are in there and even know about opening the fridge.  What the heck?  We stood motionless staring at each other before he gave a grunt and leapt out the window.   They were an absolute pest and would regularly raid the camp site.  They were undaunted by locked doors and checked out for slightly open windows.  And don’t think that a monkey can be fooled by a firmly sealed Tupperware.  No sir!

vacation 3

Not that we are short of exciting challenges when we travel at the moment.  How many times have you had to run from one side of the airport to the other to catch your flight because your connecting flight was delayed.  OK, don’t all shout at once.  I hear you!  That’s why I hate a one hour connection.  Who else has got on the plane only to find that the overhead bins are full – even the one over your seat because someone else put their huge bag in there.  There’s another exciting challenge.  How about if you take out the bag in the bin over your seat and just stand it in the aisle so you can claim your rightful bin.  Fight!  Fight!  I can hear it now.  And once you eventually get settled in your middle seat your are into the battle of the armrests because the aisle and window people don’t realize that middle seat gets BOTH armrests.  It’s the least they can do.  So before you go on your flight I recommend a few weeks at a gym or perhaps buy some weights and keep them at home or under your desk and strengthen, strengthen, strengthen! 

vacation 4

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