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It’s a New Language

I am being very uncool at the moment but there is a whole new language circulating and half the time I really struggle to understand it.  I am getting better.  I now know what IDK means when I get texts from my granddaughter or OMY from my kids.  Some of the new language leaves me a bit nonplussed, however.  I recently sent an email only to get a reply from the person’s colleague as follows – he is OOO.  

OOO what?  I thought.  Silly me – he was out of office.

I guess it makes sense that we should have abbreviations like this with the widespread use of texting.  By the way I hate texting on my phone – I just haven’t got the knack of the two thumb speed typing that some people have.  Maybe its because I have been touch typing for so long now.  I actually get put off when I look at the keyboard.  

blog language 01

So did this abbreviated speak come about because people are lazy?  Apparently not.  When twitter first started you could only use 140 characters for a tweet so abbreviations were here to stay.  

They can be quite sneaky too – apparently teens started using some abbreviations as code – e.g. PAW – parents are watching.  PITR – parent in the room.  Quite alarming actually.

I thought some of these might come in handy – maybe I will start throwing a few into my regular emails and see if people know what I am talking about –

IFYP – I feel your pain.

ADIH – another day in hell

OMDB – over my dead body

The best I came across was – AYMM – are you my mother?  

Well I guess it is a good thing to start cutting down on verbiage.  Having worked for lawyers for many years I was used to sentences than ran on for half a page properly punctuated.  That’s not to mention the paragraphs ….

Paragraph 1 had a sub paragraph (a) which had a sub- paragraph (i) so when you had to refer to a previous paragraph you were looking at 2(b)(iv) …. LOL even my auto correct didn’t like that.




Quite useful actually.


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