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I remember when I was a kid there was a program on tv where the presenter would spin a globe and wherever it landed was where they were going to travel to.  Of course there were places then that were off limits but the way the world is going it seems that there are more places now that we cannot travel to.  This might mean that you never reach that goal of One Hundred Countries.

The latest news of the fighting in Israel adds yet another country where we cannot travel to (at least for the time being).  But it is not just war that prevents us – there is also the alarming change in the whole planet’s climate.  Those who travel to Antarctica and the Arctic tell us about the shrinkage of the glaciers.  The Maldives is constantly facing rising sea levels – as is Venice.

Politics too prevents us from visiting countries like N. Korea or even Russia and world poverty and corruption make many countries, especially in parts of Africa, unsafe to visit.

So let’s hang on to the positive here.  I am the eternal optimist.  Let’s hope that the steps that many cruise lines are taking to make their ships zero emissions will help.  Let’s hope that the steps that countries are taking to make our world cleaner will work.  India is aiming to generate 40% of its electricity with renewable sources by 2030 and Sweden has build eco-quarters in its cities – old industrial sites turned into eco-friendly homes.  Easier to get to work – all helping to reach the goal.

I love the world and I love to travel and I want to see all of it – well at least as much as I can.  Imagine spinning that globe and wherever your finger lands you can go there – without fear or conscience.


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