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How Not to Ski

Well the snow has been slow coming to Calgary and some are wondering if we will actually have a White Christmas. 

I am not fussed one way or another as I have lived many Christmases south of the equator and have had the experience of sweating over a roast turkey while the kids play in the pool outside.

In those days snow seemed so attractive, so sexy to go skiing.  So one Christmas we decided to pack up and go and see what all this snow thing was all about.

We boarded our plane in Johannesburg on a hot sunny day and made our way to the Austrian Alps to a little town called Obergurgl which we had read about online.  It was so pretty and the hotel was gorgeous and we were so excited.

Now when you go on a trip like this to Europe you sign up for at least a week ski school – goes from 10 – 12 noon … then lunch ….then 2 – 4 pm.  Then its time for Apre Ski!

Our first mistaken – we left our ski boots in the wooden storage place on the hill overnight.  I couldn’t understand why everyone else was schlepping their boots back up the hotel.  I found out the next morning when we had to put on our boots.  They were frozen solid.  Not a good start.

So while our boots were defrosting we joined the langlauf class (cross country).  We had only been at it for an hour when I fell right on my sideways ski – thought I had been sliced in half.  So painful.  So hubby had to abandon his class and get me to the doctor who diagnosed me with a fractured coccyx bone.

Oh boy!  Bad enough to be in a foreign country and not speaking the language.   He said something about treating me with “infiltration” and I was out of there boy.  There is no quick cure for a broken coccyx bone.

So we spent two weeks in the mountains while hubby went skiing and I hobbled around and met him for lunch here and there. 

Was that me done with skiing – no way!  I knew my husband wanted to ski again and so I would have another go – and that’s another story for next week.

But in the meantime I came across this post in Instagram and I howled.  Yes – this is exactly us!



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  1. Well I am sorry to read you had such a terrible experience skiing. But the Instagram recording made me chuckle. I broke my leg skiing in 2010 and haven’t skied since. But I do miss it!

    1. Glad I made you laugh :) Oh my goodness I can’t believe you broke your leg skiing. Now I am really scared!!
      Merry Christmas – and no more skiing for you!

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