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Holiday Travel Checklist


There are some things to remember when you travel during the high season such as Christmas. It’s important to prepare all of these things a week prior to your flight.

  • View the details of your itinerary
  • Verify the date and time of your flight, as well as your seat assignment, and make any necessary changes.
  • Make sure you have all the right travel documents.
  • The government issued identification you present at the boarding gate must be valid for the duration of your travels, and must include your name, date of birth and gender
  • And remember that the name on your ID must match your name as it appears on your ticket.
Pack Your Bags
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest carry-on and checked baggage size and weight restrictions and other regulations.
  • Always pack valuable items in your hand carry bag such as money (small amount of cash in your wallet), travel documents (passport, boarding pass and visa if needed),
  • Medication in your carry-on baggage and a pair of dresses/underwear so that, in the unlikely event that your checked baggage is misrouted, you will not be without them.
  • Medication must be properly labelled or accompanied by a prescription.
Before Heading to the Airport
  • Use YYC Express, an online reservation platform that allows travelers to book their spot in the security line ahead of time.
  • Passenger should arrive at least two hours prior to departure time for a domestic flight and three hours before for an international flight to allow adequate time for check in and security screening, U.S. border control for those travelling to the U.S.,Don’t forget to be sure to account for winter road conditions when planning your travel to the airport.
  • Check in 24 hours before your flight from your airline’s website.
  • Travelling with children – Consent letter that confirms the child has permission to travel outside Canada (for example, when taking a trip alone or with only 1 parent or guardian)
Clothes to Prepare
  • Check the destinations weather and from there prepare the suitable clothes “ Pack light”
  • Choose a convertible travel dress that can also be worn every day.
  • Here are some examples to do.  So that’s it – a holiday travel capsule with 5 casual daytime looks and 4 fun and festive evening looks.
    • 2 x sweaters and 1 x blouse
    • 2 x bottoms
    • 2 x dresses
    • 1 x coat and 1 (reversible) poncho
    • 3 x shoes – a pair of flats, flat booties for day and heeled booties for night
    • 2 x bags – a carry-everything tote and a clutch for evening
    • Add a scarf, versatile jewelry and all your miscellaneous items
Leave gifts unwrapped. 

In case the security and/or customs agents need to inspect the contents of your baggage, all the items in your possession should be unwrapped and easy to access so that the inspection process can be conducted as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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