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Hey That’s My Parking Spot!

Have you noticed how territorial we get about parking places.  If you go to a place regularly you kind of get into the habit of parking in the same place and it is REALLY annoying when you find someone parked in “your” place.  Maybe it is because we are creatures of habit – or perhaps that space you park in at the office gets the shade during the day.  You have that little habit of parking in the same place and then out of nowhere a new sign appears – like our regular spot for years at Starbucks suddenly became one of those Quick Pick Up dedicated parking.  And even though you could park there and probably  not get a fine – why would you do that?  Or why would I do that?  I don’t like not obeying those signs although they are probably not legal.  Still.  The amount of money I have spent at Starbucks over the years has probably earned me my regular parking spot.

A little while back a new sign sprang up at our mall –

blog parking 01

OK, I get this one too.  It is right outside the bank and if you are a mom (or about to become one) you don’t want to have to struggle across the car park with a baby – or a bump.

So – respect the sign.  That’s what I do.  It therefore makes me mad when I see others blatantly ignore this.

The other day when I came to work there was a vehicle parked in that spot.  The driver was still sitting there.  A huge black heavy duty truck with big fat tires.  Inside was sitting this dude – there is only one word that fits and dude does it best.  A big fella, beard, baseball cap, sunglasses.  Well – certainly not an expectant mother!  Maybe he has children and therefore felt that he qualified for that spot.

Oh and by the way – if you are thinking about renting a car in Europe make sure you are a super duper parking wizard – this is what a typical street in Europe looks like. 

blog parking 02

So you better be good at that reverse park!

And if you are a little inventive you can find great places to park wherever you are – why waste a nice shelter on shopping carts.  This is just perfect.

blog parking 03

And when your car just needs to sit down for a moment –

blog parking 05

So you have to ask – does anybody actually read the signs

blog parking 04

4 Responses

  1. I always thought that there should be reserved, designated parking for “old, fat, tax paying, white retired guys”. But, alas, such a sign would surly be deemed discriminatory and removed.

  2. I believe that there should be parking spots for elderly people, surely a 50 year old would not think of themselves as elderly but who knows?

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