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Happy Valentine’s Day People

OK any of the guys reading this can stop groaning.  I really would love to know how many people do Valentine’s Day stuff once they are married for a few years.  It’s not that I am not romantic – I just feel that the whole Valentine’s thing has got so commercial.  But let’s look on the funny side of things – or let’s get a bit sentimental.  When did you get your first Valentine’s card – and I don’t mean those “everyone in the class make a valentine card and swap”.  I mean a real Valentine’s card where you didn’t know who had sent it.

I remember mine (honestly I haven’t got that many Valentine’s cards in my life so obviously the few I did get have stood out).  I was in Grammar School in Helston, Cornwall and was at that awkward age – 14.  Sure I had my eye on a few of the handsome boys in class but seeing as I was very short and very young looking (looked about 10) with absolutely zero boobs I wasn’t exactly the class pin up.  So it was with great surprise that I found a Valentine’s card when I opened up my locker.  No name on it but a sweet message about how pretty I was …. Aw!  Who could it be from?  I had my suspicions but never found out for sure.  It definitely wasn’t one of the studs but I am pretty sure it was from one of the boys who was as small as me and as shy as me and also looked about 10.  A real sweet nerd.  I wonder what has happened to him. But now sadly commercialism has got Valentine’s Day by the short and curlies and everything about this day revolves around spending money.  And getting a discount doing that.  Check out this restaurant –

blog valentines 01

Wow what a way to get a 50% discount – and a divorce at the same time.  Bet the lawyer didn’t give you a discount!  LOL.  And by the way is the restaurant really called porn’s ??? And how about these iced cookies as a Valentine’s gift.  Careful with that icing …. It can be misinterpreted….

blog valentines 02

Yeah sometimes romance is an elusive experience – but if you are a romantic I wish you love, flowers, chocolates and kisses on Valentine’s Day.


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