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Happiest Cats in the World

Having just sailed from Istanbul, with various stops in Turkey and the Greek islands, I have decided that the cats in this area are definitely the happiest. Every stop you go to you will probably see three, four or maybe even six or seven cats. Many of them have the distinctive patchy, dark brown and ginger spots on their faces, which is typical for the Aegean breed, which is native to this part of the world.

They are for the most part very friendly. This is probably due to the fact that the local people really look out for them. Many people will put out bowls of food and when we were in Istanbul and it was particularly rainy, people had even put up little shelters to protect their food from getting wet. I spotted lots of little boxes outside of houses. Where a cat could crawl inside and have a nice sleep protected from the weather.

As a cat lover of course I had to stop and pet everyone I found. My husband was a bit leery at first… watch out for fleas… but I found them to be very clean.  This is how cats should live. Our guide told us that in Istanbul in the early days the houses were made of wood and therefore cats were essential to keep down the rodents.  I didn’t see any dogs really, just one or two. Not like in South America, especially ushwire where there are dogs on every street corner. You see the difference between wild dogs and wild cats. Is that cats at least are very clean in their habits. They go outside, dig a little hole, do their business and cover it up. Not the dogs. They just drop a great pile on the pavement whenever they feel like it. And you really have to watch where you step. See cats are very smart and this is why they’ve been so important in so many civilizations throughout the ages. It was just lovely to see them having the run of the place and yet being affectionate at the same time to humans. Obviously did not see us as a threat.

I think of my poor old kitty in Calgary who has to stay inside because of the threat of bobcats coyotes and freezing cold snow. I wonder what she would think of taking a poo in the garden. She probably wouldn’t even know how to do it.

But I still love her.

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  1. We were recently in Greece and had a stop in Turkey, we also saw a gazillion cats. One tour guide explained that they keep the snake population under control. Kudos to you my little allergy foes, I like that. He also pointed out that the dogs we saw with ear tags but no collars are also “publicly” owned. They are checked regularly by veterinarians to ensure they are safe and healthy.

    1. Yes I saw lots of dogs with the ear tags which is a good thing. I laughed because our guide told us that the cats chase away the dogs. I didn’t see that but I guess if the cats keep the snake population down then the dogs have got to be a bit careful around them!!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful green-eyed calaco you have. We had two calacos; one for 21 years and then the other for 20 years. They were wonderful additions to our family.

  3. As a cat servant I loved your story. Sounds like kitty haven where they could roam, have food & a bed supplied outdoors, cuddles from tourists missing their cats. Wanna go there!

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