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I can’t believe it myself – I am going to Antarctica!  In just a couple of weeks.  A very last minute invitation that I could not bear to refuse.  I have sent people down to the White Continent many times before.

Now I get the chance to experience it myself – and more surprised than me are my friends.  They know how I hate the cold. 

But wait – January in Antarctica – that’s summer!  While we suffer here in -40 (OK it is going to get a bit better by the time you read this) the temp in Antarctica could be anywhere from -5 up to +10.  That’s a whole lot better than being here.

In fact – positively balmy. 

It definitely should be better than my time in Yellowknife.  Oh my goodness – how do people live there.  I could not. 

So now I am in the process of getting geared up.  I will receive a polar jacket when I get on the ship (I am sailing on the Seabourn Pursuit) but I will need to take other warm clothes and some waterproof pants.  Those are apparently better than snow pants because you will need waterproof clothing for when you are sitting in the zodiac – or maybe kayaking (will I be brave enough to do that ????)  So far I have the waterproof pants – quite handy actually because if I get a fright (like a whale shooting up next to us) I will be safe! 

blog going 01

I am trying to make a list – so far (as I said) I have the waterproof pants.  I have to get waterproof gloves (padded inside) and then lots of long johns and warm t-shirts.

The dress code is casual on the ship so no formal dining.  It takes too long to get out of all your polar gear to start putting on a dinner jacket and bow tie (not me silly – my other half).

Now the big challenge ahead is not the icebergs, or the cold – it’s the infamous Drake Passage.  According to those who know – it is either the Drake Shake or the Drake Lake so it could go either way.  Generally I have a pretty good tum when it comes to sailing. 

Look – my dad was in the Royal Navy and he knew a thing or two about bumpy seas.  There are a few hacks – first one get into the sea.  Well I don’t think that’s gonna happy in a hurry in Antarctica.  The other is to eat something. 

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  1. As you are probably aware, those who do go tend to rave about it, but it is too cold for us. Sounds like you have the right idea. We did the Hurtigruten Bergen north bound in July and we both bought an extra fleece jacket in Bergen as even though it was generally sunny, an extra layer was a good investment for the cooler weather ahead.
    Your trip sounds exciting and high end. Enjoy.

    1. Funnily enough it might be warmer than here. I was speaking with someone who just came back and they went from thick polar gear to running shorts on the running track outside. We shall see! Time will tell 🙂

  2. We went too Antarctica in February 2020 arriving home just before Covid stopped everything.
    It was wonderful! Very educational. The weather was perfect. Even set a record of +18 one day.
    Seabourn was great!

    1. So glad you had those wonderful memories to tide you over during COVID. I am loving being pampered. Second day on the Drake … first icebergs!

  3. We too have been with Seabourn many places but the two that stick out are the Arctic and Antarctica. Definitely a bucket list for many.
    Enjoy and can’t wait to hear your review on the TV.

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