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Global Morning News – Viking Cruise from Istanbul to Athens

Posted on: March 21, 2024

I wanted to share the details of the fabulous journey that I have been on as I'm sure that this is something that many of the global viewers would love to do as well.

I think many of us when we travel we go to places because we're interested in the history or the culture. This particular itinerary ... Istanbul to Athens, focuses on ancient cultures and for anyone who has enjoyed such films as Troy, it is a revelation to actually see the remains of this incredible city under the guidance of an experienced archaeological tour leader.

This trip was full of tales of the Crusaders, the Greeks and the Romans, and also tales of how some of these incredible sites were hidden or destroyed by volcanoes.

The other aspect of my trip was that it is what we call quiet season. Mediterranean. Has anybody who has traveled to the Mediterranean during high season? You will know that it can be awful. Very hot. Very crowded long lineups. Admittedly it wasn't jump in the sea whether and we did have our cool days. But when you are walking up 300 steps to an Acropolis you appreciate the cool.

Mind you, when I say it's cool, it's cool to the local people in the Mediterranean. To ask Calgarians. It is a pleasant 11 to 15° Celsius.

I also want to talk a little bit about Viking ocean cruises and what makes them unique. These ships hold just 900 passengers, nobody under 18, no casino, no charges for specialty restaurants and a bonus being a free shore excursion at each port of call.

It's also a good time to book as they have some special rates out there which are available up until the end of March. Here is my pick - do the same itinerary I did later on this year with the following pricing.

Ancient Mediterranean Treasures Viking Cruise from Istanbul to Athens

Duration: 7 Nights
Departure Date: December 16, 2024
Price from: $5,998 CAD per person


  • 8 Day Cruise from Istanbul to Athens
  • Veranda stateroom
  • Airfare from Calgary
  • Airport transfers
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