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Global Morning News – Exploring Costa Rica Pura Vida

Posted on: January 24, 2023

There are often times we travel a long way for an exotic tropical experience and sometimes we overlook the fact that Costa Rica is much closer and is a country with a wide variety of experiences from jungles to volcanoes to beaches.

Let's take a closer look at what a package to Costa Rica could offer -

Our package gives you 10 nights in all on an immersive discovery of all that Costa Rica offers. Fully guided and most meals included you get to see the capital San Jose as well as the jungle - spend two nights there in a jungle lodge, the Arenal volcano and then the cloud forest. There is so much packed into this itinerary because Costa Rica is a land of contrasts.

The trend after covid seems to be that many people want to explore new and exciting destinations and want to experience adventure at the same time.

I loved my time in Costa Rica and though I was terrified at the thought I did sign up for the zip line tour and I am so glad I did. The jungles are absolutely incredible - and the people of Costa Rica are so kind and welcoming. Visit Costa Rica - you will be glad you did.

This destination is so popular that you will have to book in advance.

Did you know that Costa Rica is said to be one of the happiest places on earth?

This package departs on 24 June 2023 and we have departures all the way through the year.


  • 10 nights tour
  • Most meals included
  • All internal transportation
  • Fully guided
  • $3,318 CAD per person
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