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Global Morning News – Explora Journeys Cruise from Barcelona to Rome

Posted on: August 1, 2023

Today I am on a brand new ship making its first voyage from Copenhagen to Reykjavik.

The Explora I is a 63,000 ton ship but only has 461 suites on board which means you get more space. The ocean balcony suites start at 377 sq feet which is HUGE – the idea being to provide a home at sea. As they say – their mission to transform luxury cruises into Ocean Journeys.

There’s certainly lots to discover on board which I will be doing over the next 7 days. 3 outdoor pools and one indoor. A running track and spin bikes out on the deck. Yoga classes and fitness classes included. Plus all your drinks and 9 dining venues. Yes I think I am going to need those fitness facilities.

Each suite on the ship comes with a welcome bottle of champagne and your choice of in-suite drinks in the fridge.

An espresso machine and a Dyson hair dryer – only the best!

Each suite has a full sized sun terrace with dining area and a full sunbed – relax and enjoy!

There are also lots of really great deals – this is one I really like –

Here are the details –

  • Barcelona to Rome
  • 8 days of luxury cruising in an ocean terrace suite
  • Unlimited beverages, wifi, gratuities
  • Biggest rooms out there

A Journey of French-Italo Glamour, Grandeur & Gastronomy from Barcelona

Duration: 7 Nights
Price: $6,030 CAD per person
Date: June 14, 2024

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Explora Journeys 7-Night Luxury Cruise – A Journey of French-Italo Glamour

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