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Global Morning News – Cherry Blossom Time in Japan

Posted on: July 18, 2023

I am lucky enough to have travelled to Japan and absolutely loved every minute of it. The Japanese people are so gracious, the streets are clean and the bullet train is amazing.

I did not get to see the Cherry Blossoms when I went and that is why I am a little bit envious of this lovely tour right over Cherry Blossom season. Imagine the photos you could get.

Let's look at some of the things that are included:

  • 5 nights in Tokyo
  • 2 nights in Kanazawa
  • 1 night in the hot spring town of Kaga staying at a traditional Ryokan
  • 3 nights in Kyoto
  • Daily breakfast, 7 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Bullet train and transfers
  • Guided tours including Mt Fuji, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kyoto

This itinerary gives such a good overview of Japan and takes you into some of the most historic places. I love that they include Hiroshima. I found that very moving - such a big event in our global history.

The bullet trains are amazing - so clean - they have staff standing by as the train rolls into the station and they are on board before you know it, cleaning everywhere. Then while on board you are served refreshments by staff dressed in traditional Japanese garb. Everything about it is efficient.

I also love the evening at the Ryokan - these traditional inns usually located next to hot springs are just delightful. You will be provided with a kimono to wear down at dinner and then later on you can enjoy bathing in the hot springs. There is one for women and one for men but if you are shy then you can book a private one (which I did).

Some things to remember about Japan:

  • no tipping - it can get very awkward if you try to tip
  • be careful with garbage - Japanese people take their garbage home with them so if you happen to drop something on the sidewalk someone behind you will pick it up and give it back to you - with a smile
  • Don't blow your nose in public - it is considered very rude

Flights are also included (from Vancouver) as there is a nonstop flight from Tokyo to Vancouver - perfect!

Here's the pricing -

Duration: 11 Nights
Price: $7,840 CAD per person
Date: March 20, 2024


  • Non stop flights from Vancouver
  • 11 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, 7 lunches, 4 dinners
  • Multiple guided tours
  • Transfers including bullet train
  • All taxes
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