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There are some really strange people in Dublin airport. They are different shapes and sizes and colors. Some of them are square and some of them have wheels. If you look at them, they will ignore you. Especially because they’re taking up a seat where everybody else has got to stand. This is like the story of people at all inclusive resorts, getting up early in the morning to put a towel on the lounger and then going back to their room to have a lie in.  So what happens is that people are standing around trying to find a seat and the seats are all taken by suitcases. Shame the poor suitcases, they are tired after all and they do have a long trip ahead of them. 

I think they’re feeling a bit scared. They are all on their own after all in this big airport and just don’t know when their mummy or daddy will be back. In the meantime there are these prowling travellers at the gate. Just looking for a seat or somewhere where they can sit down for a few minutes while they wait for the flight.

Don’t you just love airports. I think I can hear one of these cases crying.

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  1. Good one Lesley ….. whatever happened to “do not leave your baggage unattended” rule in the airport? (;

  2. Like small children, bags should never be left unattended. A call to security would free up those seats real quick.

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