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Fly Me to the Moon

It is definitely becoming more of a reality. Right now you can’t get to the moon but you can get to fly up into space for six whole hours while you are served gourmet food and wine and watch the galaxy. Wow – I am not kidding. This offer was sent to me recently by one of our suppliers –

Let us take you to Space!

Experience an exclusive, transformative, and meticulously crafted spaceflight in the first-of-its-kind spaceship. Space Perspective has designed your journey to be exhilarating and celebratory, with ample time for contemplation. Share cocktails, chat with your fellow passengers, and select the perfect playlist for the climb while enjoying the 360-degree view of Earth.


Welcome at the airport and private limousine roundtrip transfer from Orlando airport to the hotel
4-night accommodation in a 5* hotel in Orlando
Daily breakfast
Private limousine roundtrip transfer from the hotel to the Cape Canaveral (launch center of human spaceflight)
Entrance fees and visit of the Kennedy Space Center
1 seat in the SpaceBalloon™ “Neptune” for a 6-hour experience
Bespoke culinary and beverage selection aboard Spaceship Neptune

What do you think? If you have been to 100 countries and now want to add something to the list that very few people can come back with “Oh we did that already 5 years ago”

I know you have come across those people when you travel – those who have been everywhere, done everything. Well imagine if you are armed with this …”Actually our last trip was up into space….”

It gets better – you can actually get married up in space –


• UNIQUE and amazing experience of 6 hours
• Astonishing 360-degree visibility through the largest panoramic windows ever flown to space.
• Nine reclining, plush seats, for eight Space Explorers and a pilot. These may be reconfigured to accommodate a special event, like a dinner for two or a wedding.
• Dark and tactile materials throughout the interior to reduce glare and reflection.
• Refreshments bar and cabinet for belongings.
• Wi-Fi connection, with communications devices to enable live streaming.
• Accommodations for scientific instruments supporting research projects.
• Splashdown cone at base allows for smooth landing on the water.
• Fully-equipped restroom.

I did wonder a bit about the splashdown cone at the base for the smooth landing. I wonder if everyone is allowed to clap at landing.

Travel Blog
Travel Blog

The other thing that got me wondering is what if you get air sick. Where do they keep the little bags and do you get weightless up there. Chris Hadfield did a handy demonstration on how to throw up in space….

So I guess this is just the beginning. If this works well then I guess it won’t be long before we start seeing Sandals and Club Med on the moon. Although it may just be a little bit different

Travel Blog

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