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Dublin’s Fair City

I just got back from a trip to Dublin to visit the family.  I have tons of cousins there and stayed with my favourite in a little suburb called Artane.  We did lots of family things together but of course on the last day or so we had to do some touristy things – like visiting downtown Dublin. 

You might recall some time back I wrote about the lady with the shiny boobs – Sweet Molly Malone


Well I had to go and visit her and tell her that she shouldn’t be offended with strangers coming up rubbing her boobs- it just happens because people think she is lovely and brings good luck to all those who do.  I am not sure if she believed me.  She didn’t say anything but stoically stared ahead as if to say “yeah…right!”

As you can see, we had our raincoats on.  It’s not called the Emerald Isle for nothing.  But we were lucky and had some amazingly warm days and many days got our 8000 steps in. 

blog dublin 1

On one of our trips we went out to Dollymount which is really close to where my cousin lives.  It is a popular walk there along about a 2 kms path and right at the end is this spectacular 70 ft high statue of Our Lady.  It is quite incredible to see.  Apparently at night the halo lights up as it is made of 12 pieces of Waterford Crystal and this is seen by all the ships in the area.  The day we walked to the statue was bright and sunny but very windy and the waves were crashing up against the rocks. 

blog dublin 2

The idea for the statue came during the Second World war and the story is quite interesting.  Here is the link:


But what really blew my mind on the way there and back along the path were the little bathing stations erected – one for women and one for men – with steps leading down to the icy turbulent Irish sea.  Yes the sun was shining but trust me – we were warmly wrapped up.  Nevertheless, there were a whole batch of people stripping off their track suits, t shirts, socks and shoes down to their bathing suits so they could go and plunge into the freezing cold water.  Now I know this is a trend right now and said to be very good for you.  I honestly don’t think I could do that but there are a group who live in the area and go down every single morning at 8 am – throughout the year- to go and plunge in the water. 

blog dublin 3

Um …. No thanks!


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  1. I’d pass on the polar plunge, but I can see the potential of Moley Malone. Funny, 40 years ago a friend of mine and his wife traveled to Ireland but he didn’t take a photo of that! I could see other destinations trying that too.

    1. Hi Gord, well she was only created in 1988 so maybe she wasn’t there when your friend visited. Maybe worth a re-visit for a great photo opp!

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