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Stay Informed, Be Safe and Enjoy!
Country Information, Travel Advisories, Health, Weather Conditions, Security
Important information on the country to be visited including Travel Advisories, health and security information, weather information and general conditions can be obtained on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs at www.voyage.gc.ca. A Travel Report for your country of destination should be available on the link Travel Reports on their home page. The Department of Foreign Affairs can also be contacted at 1-800-267-6788. You should regularly monitor their website for any changes to conditions.
Specific Health Information can also be obtained at www.travelhealth.gc.ca or by phoning their regional office in Alberta at (780) 495-2651.
Current weather conditions for most destinations is usually available through www.worldweather.org. USA weather is available at www.nws.noaa.gov.
A Few Safety Tips
  • Check the Government web site at www.voyage.gc.ca again just before you leave – apart from travel advisories it also has useful information on what to expect and general safety precautions – print it out and jot down the contact information for the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your destination country.
  • Avoid carrying a lot of cash and, if you must, use a money belt worn under your clothes.
  • Don’t use fanny packs or shoulder bags – these can be sliced open easily by pick pockets – if you do carry a bag buy one which cannot easily be cut and wear it with the strap across your chest.
  • Try not to look like a tourist – always look purposeful – even if you are lost.
  • If confronted, don’t fight back – money, passports and cameras can be replaced.
  • Leave a copy of your passport with someone at home and keep a note of the international phone number of your credit card company and the basic number of your card – so you can react quickly if it is stolen!
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