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But There’s Sand in Mine…

In my swimsuit I mean.  Damn sand gets all over the place.  That’s why I really quite like those full body suits – ostensibly to protect you from the sun but really they keep the sand out of all the nooks and crannies, if you know what I mean.  Melissa McCarthy had a brilliant one in the Nine Perfect Strangers series – really looked good.

blog sand 01

Wow I love that.

But hey ladies – guess what’s back?  The Speedo!  And the history is quite interesting.

The first speedo was designed by Jordan Travis.   Travis joined Speedo in 1959, at a time when men wore shorts on the beach — or perhaps a cabana suit: boxer shorts with a matching shirt. Longer-length Hawaiian-style swimming trunks were becoming fashionable, and the company wanted Travis to create something similar for them. But Travis had much smaller idea.

 In 1961, when Speedos were first worn on Sydney’s Bondi Beach, their scantiness raised eyebrows, dropped jaws and even saw arrested by police for indecent exposure (the charges were ultimately dropped as the briefs did not reveal pubic hair).

But yes – they are back.  Athletes love them because they are comfortable and light for training.  Women like them because, well ….

blog sand 02

But now it seems to have got a little out of hand.  I think the whole blame can be laid on Borat.  After all he just took the speedo a bit too far.

blog sand 03

You got to admit it – that’s a brave man who dresses up like that and goes out in public.  In fact you could say he’s got balls – but that might be misinterpreted in light of the picture.  

Now Borat isn’t most women’s idea of a pinup but at least he has the bod to wear a speedo – although this mankini thing is a bit too much.

Now athletes say that the speedo is a really comfortable swimsuit – but most athletes have the body for a speedo – most of us however do not have the sort of body to sport a speedo or a bikini.  I am the first to admit that I think I would do far better with the Melissa McCarthy one piece than a bikini – goodness me!  But you know, some people just don’t care – and that’s a good thing because we are all a bit too judgy these days…… however ……. I gotta say I agree with Nathan Davidson who said in a recent article.

Outside of competitive swimming, there is absolutely no logical reason whatsoever for a man to wear a Speedo in public. Speedos are without a doubt one of the most tragic inventions in the history of men’s fashion, and guys in Speedos are usually tragedy that one can never unsee. and the worst part is that way too many men seem to be comfortable wearing them. In public! As you’ll see from these 25 funny pictures of epic Speedo fails, guys rocking them in public has become a major public health concern. Why? Because most men aren’t male models. Most men do not have bodies that are worth looking at in little to no clothing. So, save the Speedos for the Olympic swimmers and laugh at these men in Speedos from a good, safe distance.

blog sand 04
blog sand 05

So on your next beach holiday or cruise keep an eye out and if you happen to get a really funny sneaky photo send it over!  


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  1. At Bondi Beach, Sydney in the 50’s women’s bikinis were just coming in and Beach Inspectors would go around measuring the amount of material at the sides for both men and women and issue fines. By the mid 60’s women / girl surfers (or at least some of them) would put on a one piece over their (itsy-bitty, teeny weeny, yellow pokadot) bikini before paddling their boards out to catch the waves and then, when coming on shore to sun bathe, take off the one piece. Speedos were standard for younger men in the 60’s but board shorts were fairly popular with the surfers. By mid 70’s I think the south end of Bondi was a topless area.
    That second picture isn’t really a typical Speedo. What happened to ‘no shirt no service’?
    Further north near Cairns, full body suits are often worn and called stinger suits as the stingers came be very painful if not exactly deadly. They also protect you from sunburn when snorkelling.
    So what’s your position on topless bathing in Europe or the Caribbean or even nude beaches? You can inadvertently cross over some unmarked boundary on some beaches. What about Scandinavian saunas and German spas that are often nude. Taking nude or topless photos isn’t polite.

    1. Yes those stinger suits are important. We had to wear them when we went snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. Not the most flattering outfit I have ever worn. And nude sunbathing? yep – topless certainly have seen lots of. Did see some totally nude men on the beach in Barcelona. But alas they were very senior 🙁

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